American Style Adverts on TV

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by SUNRAY_MINOR, Jan 25, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else seen those American style adverts and nearly been sucked in by them?

    Currently the one that seems to be on (BFBS 2 I think) is the Zumba Dance class fitness carry on.
    Zumba® — Ditch the workout, Join the party!

    The adverts are really long so don't seem like adverts as we know them in the UK, I flick the TV on when I finish work then I seem to start to get suck in by it, I start thinking yeah I'll get into that plus you get a free video and some Zumba twizzle stick and if you don't like it you can get your money back. Yeah dance your way to fitness, What could go wrong, then I steady myself and think what a load of pish and switch over.

    There's that other one with the Irish bloke with the brick laying device so you get an even amount of cement of your bricks, I'm starting to think that's fantastic I could build a wall, the reality is I don't need or want a wall. But you do get some string to make sure your bricks are straight.

    Anyone actually purchaced any of this tat or had a similar experience?
  2. No, it's just you, you need to give yourself a good slap.
  3. That brick thing actually works quite well, I managed to knock up a barbecue. Think I'd leave my extension to the professionals though.
  4. I don't get any crap like that on mine, perhaps your tellys faulty. Return it to the shop and demand your money back.
  5. I've got Hilty laser level going for 200 quid if you want it for next time you put shelves up if Your interested?
  6. The latest exercise equipment that means you never have to go to the gym again, Normally advertised by some bloke/bird who has indeed spent a great deal of time in the gym to get their figure.

    All sorts of painting devices that mean you could redo the Sistine chapel in half an hour.

    All sorts of chopping/dicing/cutting implements that turn you into Jamie Oliver.

    Cleaning fluids that usually do the same job as Cillit Bang for 5 times the price.

    All normally only availiable by ordering direct or to put it another way because normal shops dont want a ton of crap cluttering the place up.
  7. I've been to Zumba class, but only because my fitness instructor beats me up and tells me it's for a children's charity and that if I don't go then I'm practically Maxine Carr :-(

    Never seen it on TV but I did switch to the teleshopping channel one night and got totally taken in by some springy sit-up device. Luckily I managed to hit the off button and research it and all I was finding was complaints from people whose had broken within a few uses!
  8. Karcher fucking jet washers.

    If a supplement doesn't fall out of my paper on a Sunday morning then someone on the telly is flogging the fuckers. There must be a warehouse the size of Ord Sgts drinks cabinet full of the cunting things somewhere.
  9. It's more a long metal strip you stick some mortar in then stick the bricks on top, than some professional piece of equipment. It kept things looking pretty neat, my first effort without it looked like Katy Prices grid and ending up getting a sledge taken to it. I dare say anyone semi-competent at wielding a trowl and a spirit level could achieve something similar, I don't have the patience though.
  10. Ooh shiny, tell you what i'll trade you for a job lot of Zulu warrior princess figurines and some genuine cubic zirconia earings.
  11. And of course the bell ends who buy watches of bid up/price drop and tell you how they are worth £400 but they got them for £40. Not forgetting those fucking globes of the world set in "precious" stones RRP £1500 yours for a £100, cheers mate I'll have 3.

  12. That's the stuff, the Ab Swing machine seems to be another favourite.

    However the write up is a bit different to the advert

  13. My current favorite.
    The James Bond Aston Martin DB7 "part work" A mere £800.
  14. Who's got one of these who now uses it as a coat stand?

  15. What about the Ab spring thingy that was designed around the US Navy SEAL training scheme....

    Yeah so hell week involves, pulling a fucking spring all week then does it.