American sports.

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by CC_TA, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. Morning fellow insomniacs and friends in other timezones.

    I'm up doing some Open Uni stuff with the TV on in background when a US baseball show starts.


    Is baseball just rounders for kuntz?

    Is American football just rugby for poofs in pads?

    In fact, are all American sports just shoite?

  2. I like watching the ladies beach volleyball...a thoroughly good match of two teams battling it out across the tight confines of the field of play...and of course the camel toes help aswell.
  3. Little kiddies have to start somewhere!

    American football is just rugby with armour, more high-fives, more "HOO-AAHH!!!"s and a lot more male-bonding afterwards.

    Only in america.
  4. Yes, yes and yes.

    With the added proviso that American 'football' is possibly the most mindlessly boring sport in the world. 4 teams of steroid-filled, padded nancy boys waddling about a field for 20 seconds at a time before collapsing on a bench sucking down oxygen while a completely different team wearing the same shirt as they take over.

    Ditch the body armour and play the entire game with one group of players, and all you have is a strictly limited form of rugby for beginners.

    It's only the cheerleaders that make the game remotely watchable, and the cameramen prefer to focus on the big sweaty men. Just giving their audience what they want, I suppose.
  5. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You forgot the Indie 500! None of that testosterone-laden flinging your car around corners, nosirreee, just go round and round and round and round . . . . and round. FFS what's the point?

    Freud would have had have a field day if he had ever studied septic sports.
  6. How about Lingerie Football mmmmmmmmmmm invented by the Yanks
    Its not all bad surely
  7. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I take it all back - the US has some of the greatest sports on god's green earth!

  8. I rest my case your Honour :wink:
  9. Quality sport but it still doesnt stop them being C***ts
  10. They cant fight.
    Or drink.
  11. Sports?

    Hunting, shooting and fishing are sports. The rest are all games.
  12. Obviously you guys never heard of Lacrosse. Hockey, Soccer (Futbol), and Rugby kinda all rolled into 1.
  13. Unless I am sadly mistaken I dont think Lacrosse is an American invented sport?
  14. Ahem. Not being one to choke you and "up" the Yanks but UIAM Lacrosse was "invented" by real Americans, i.e. "Indians"

  15. Lacrosse is a sport invented by American Indians as the_guru pointed out. I think east coast tribes as I don't see it as often in the west/midwest.

    In any event, not as popular as American Football but it's a sport I played as a lad in high school. Fairly challenging and rough enough for you lot.