American Soldiers

Hope that cnut Brown doesn't see it and start getting any ideas.
Have just tried to post in his guestbook but I suspect he will be offended by my colourful language.
He doesn't seem to be winning friends and influencing people, does he? Although I get the impression he quite likes the attention.

I'd have thought that bringing the website to the attention of,say, Fox News might lead to some more support heading in his direction from the American public and give him some more messages to read...
Agree with Zulus.
We do all like to take the mickey out of our Yank comrades. But too many of them are planted in UK military cemitaries for it ever to be serious.
Also agree with the Tw@ts guestbook
He is a waste of time, space and rations. Should be dressed as a crusader wiping his bum on the Koran and teleported to Mecca, The Kabala, cum Ramadhan.
Help me out here.

The forsakethetroops website does not seem to be working, which judging by the slant of this thread is obviously a good thing, but what contents was on the site? I am guessing anti-US military stuff. Mildly satirical or actually subversive and unpleasant?

It was pretty nasty anit-US military, saying how they are a load of wasters sponging of the system. Saying stuff like how they should not get any benefits, funerals should be paid for by the family, and all the soldiers killed so far, saying how much they deserved to die 8O
cant get on it or his guest book
Its back up again.

As mentioned earlier, this topic was done a couple of weeks ago, on one of these boards - I see since then, he's taken an awful lot of nasty comments out of his guest book.....the ones left in are tame by comparison with what was there :D
The sub-heading of the site is (Formerly Citizens Against The Troops

I suspect that this loser spends his life baiting the rest of us until a site is driven off but then gets reincarnated.

Post in his guestbook and have fun boys but the worst thing from his point of view is to be ignored.
Ignorance is a bliss, I saw this on another website a short while ago.
Just some idot trying to 'stir the pot' get people like us talking about; because if he does, he has achieved what he has gone out and done.

Cheers 2CB

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