American Soldiers killed in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, May 27, 2003.

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  2. Another one killed

    As always, condolencies to the familes of ....
  3. Now as you know, I'm not the biggest fan of the US of A. Sure, condolencies to the families and all that. But, lets take a snap shot of history.

    Armed force go into an area to assist an oppressed population, fu ck up by being far too heavy handed towards the local populace because they have no experience of non war containment and control. A section of the population decide for whatever reason to set up a 'liberation force'. Maybe because they are not happy with the way an outside nation is dictating how they run their lives or they want the old regime back again.
    Machs nicht.
    The lack of understanding from the 'occupying force' continues and ensures that more of the locals take up arms in an attempt to eject them from their country. They start getting a bit pi55ed off at getting treated like third class citizens in their own country and general heavy handedness at VCP's and the like. The occupiers go in even harder because they feel they might lose face and believe that the scroats are showing signs of subversion. Regardless of world opinion, they overstay their welcome. One or two nations then try and help out in a covert way by donating arms/money/fundraising even though they say they are an allie to the main 'peace keeper'. Over the years hundreds die needlessly from both sides from shootings at check points, bombings at barracks and even on the home turf of the liberating force.
    Sounds far fetched, doesn't it? Wow, maybe not. The only difference is from this hypothesis and reality is the ragheads have a better suntan than the bog trotters. At least we had thirty five years+ experience.
    I believe we should make our polite excuses to the host and make a quiet exit out of the sand because I really don't think the spanks will cotton on to the fact that if they continue the path they are on, Vietnam, the province and every other 'hearts and minds' exercise will seem rather timid in comparison.
    Just my opinion, you understand. But they really are as thick as 5hit and it worries my that there is nothing to keep them in check.
    I'd rather staple my eyelids to my foreskin than trust the Septics!

    This has been a party political broadcast by the United States of Europe and Lets Invade America party.