American soldier chews some Iraqi butt

Discussion in 'US' started by gator, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. What's he like when he's in a bad mood ? :D
  2. Well done that man he said it how it is.
  3. I never served in Iraq so I don't know if the ass chewing took or not. I do, however, trust the Soldier judgment to use that motivation at that time.

    Maybe it was a useless ass chewing but at least it made him feel a little better for the day.
  4. Damn, I thought this was going to be a ******* thread..
  5. Same here but it's only turned out to be a Heartbreak Ridge love fest.
  6. I thought it was a remake of Team America with all the "fucking pussies and asses" comments!
  7. I can see the appeal of just blowing off some steam, given the stress and frustration professional US soldiers must be feeling ... but I can't think of a more counterpoductive way to treat Arabs (of all people!) who you're supposed to be training and maybe fighting with. For my two cents' worth this is not a smart approach to hearts and minds, and very unwise indeed for the US military to let it wind up on the net.
  8. Reprobate is being modest.

    That grunt needs to be fired. This is going to make its way onto propaganda websites with subtitles as soon as someone gets wind of it. That was the absolute worst way to treat Iraqis. That one moment when he turns to the Iraqi bosses....dear lord. Talk about cultural ignorance.

    By coincidence, I brought a guest speaker into the course I'm teaching tonight, and he was there to talk about his 3 tours in Iraq. To be precise, the two tours he spent training ISF. He was livid when he saw that video.

    That grunt in the video is to advising what Rumsfeld is to COIN.

    Best part: no date stamp. This could be 2004, but we'll never know.

    Standing by for the inevitable responses. You may commence firing when your taaaaarget appears.
  9. yeah i agree, for Iraq now to be almost over, the last thing we need is a screeching yank rattling the cages of the iraqies. i for one cant be arsed to go back again to settle down a country up in arms about something else.
  10. Not 2004, he's wearing the ACU uniform which didnt show up in theater until mid 2005 with the first unit wearing it, the 48th Inf. Bde. from Georgia.

    Also, the ACU pattern Body Armor & DAPS didnt arrive until 2006 timeframe.
  11. I'll forgive the Yanks for having a minority of screeching idiots, considering their majority won the war and left UKFOR trailing in the dust.

    You know what, even if it's a recent video, I'm not sure it's indicative of anything bad beyond that unit's AO. Iraq isn't perfect yet. "Better the Arabs do it tolerably than that you do it perfectly"...etc, etc.
  12. This is no ass chewing. You should see what they do to a US unit thats screwing around like they are. There's an appropriate response to every situation. Iraqis aren't special. They, like everyone else will find motivation with a little dynamite up their ass.
  13. But this is not a US unit.
    If you know anything about the Iraqi's, you will know this is not the way to endear yourself to the locals.
    Johnny rambo there, has to go out on patrol after his "motivational" speech.
    I for one would not be standing near him when he did.
    I appreciate that it must be very frustrating trying to teach the local forces when you are unsure as to they're loyalty, but spouting off like some Hollywood hardman will not improve the situation.