American Sniper

Released soon; its the Chris Kyle story and I look forward to watching it if only to put some money in the pocket of his wife after a well publicized court case involving Jesse Ventura.

I met the bloke twice and was impressed both times. As a high value Ali-Q and Terry target he was surrounded by a protective detail both times, the amazing thing was his detail was made up of a bunch of the coolest black guys you would ever meet. He presented himself quietly and happily chatted, no personal bigging up like I have experienced from many SEAL's.

The second time I met him was at a press function with a bunch of ex-SF authors and civvy action novelists. A member of the press asked the question of all of the gathered ex-SF authors about who benefits from their writing about experiences which have cost colleagues their lives and limbs. In turn each one of them mumbled something about giving back and making people aware of the hard job, etc., etc., blah, blah. Chris Kyle, huge grin, looks at the gathered and states openly and for the record that he does not take a single penny from his book, the book was somewhat his therapy and he is giving the money to help those friends and team mates who didn't come out of it as well as he did.

I liked him.

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Yeah, looking forward to that one as it got decent reviews from a couple of film reviewers whose opinions I trust although the blurb for his book put me off reading that. Might watch the film first then decide about the book again.
Shocking to see that he was murdered by a fellow marine.
Film is released in the UK on 16th January 2015.
Enjoyed his book and will watch the Movie. @xrayyankee Only in America? How so? We don't have veterans that turn violent with PTSD?



Bad CO

We've had an email from the company doing publicity for American Sniper who have reminded us that it is released tonight (16 Jan 15)

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I liked the book but found it was a bit stop/start. It would have been good to have a bit more detail about engagements etc.

Looking forward to the film!


Thought it was quite good. liked the way on his first tour they were out in M113 and billy basic Hummers, then by his forth tour they had MRAPs.