American Simpletons believe jesus will return by 2050

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TerryFukWit, Jun 22, 2010.

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  1. Hallelujah! Nearly half of all Americans expect Jesus to return by 2050... but 31 per cent say an asteroid might wipe us out before then

    Religious simpletons.

    Nearly half of Americans expect Jesus Christ to return by 2050 yet 31 per cent believe humans are doomed to suffer the same fate as dinosaurs and be wiped out by an asteroid, according to a poll.

    Optimistic Americans, though, are preparing for an era of improvement in some areas with 71 percent confident cancer will be cured by 2050 and 66 per cent expecting artificial limbs to be working better than real ones.

    The poll, conducted by Pew Research Centre for the People and the Press, revealed a generally upbeat population with a confident view on the future but figures showed a decline on a results from 1999.

    Those with an overall positive outlook dropped from 81 to 64 per cent, while 72 per cent fear a major energy crisis, 58 per cent wary of another world war and 53 per cent anticipating a terrorist attack on the US involving nuclear weapons.

    Speaking of bad news, Americans don't expect to read about it in the morning paper, as 64 per cent believe printed newspapers will cease to exist by 2050.

    Some 63 per cent also anticipate the demise of paper money, and postmen and women should beware with 61 per cent reckoning almost no one will send letters by 2050.

    Americans also had a mixed outlook on social issues. More than half of people polled claim the gap between rich and poor will get bigger, but appraoching three-quarters believe race relations will improve.

    And after the success of Barack Obama, a whopping 89 per cent expect to see a woman president within 40 years and 69 per cent say a Latino president is likely.

    Questions on immigration also threw up interesting results. A quarter called for more in order to keep the country's economy strong with 34 per cent want less.

    Between April 21-26, 1,546 adults answered the telephone poll.
  2. They could both be right. What does your crystal ball say - or do you use chicken bones?
  3. Nearly half of 1,546 who answered the Poll. so say 773......
    US Population is 309,565,777
  4. So that's 0.00052% of the population of the USA polled there. Gotta love telephone surveys.
  5. Are you saying that is not a representative sample?
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It is a representative sample . . . . . . of 1770 odd people living in the bible belt, who's names happened to be on the list of people to call. The other 5,000 people who might have agreed, didn't have telephones and drive around in buggies pulled by horses. :D
  7. God Bless America! :)
  8. The calls were probably made during the working day so the people answering were more than likely unemployed/unemployable.
  9. Let them believe, what harm will it do?
  10. If they believe they may just start cults.

    The truth is out there.
  11. I thought he came back ages ago???
  12. No need to be rude. er oh wait a min I misread cults
  13. what a load of crap, everyone knows Jesus is alive and well and living in Pothcawl with a sailor,
    Derek and Clive told me
  14. Jesus coming back 'by 2050'. Oh no, another long wait for nothing.
  15. Anyone attempting to start a thread slating the Yanks for being retards has clearly never been to Newport.