American RAF pilot interned in RoI

The BBC has an interesting story on an American pilot in the RAF whose plane crashed in Donegal. Roland Wolfe's Spitfire went down in November of 1941. Story is now on BBC as efforts are underway to recover the plane from a bog.

BBC News - Spitfire down: The WWII camp where Allies and Germans mixed

Not sure whether to put this in US or Ireland forum or somewhere else but this seemed the closest fit.
the germans got sod all support from germany.
they made toys and so on to sell for cash.
the brits got paid and new uniforms sent over etc.
one guy escaped by walking the rail line from dublin north.
A couple of years ago I had dinner with my son at The Clock House restaurant at Fintra Bay in Donegal (between Killybegs and Carrick). The restaurant is the site of the crash of an American B-17 in 1944.

The restaurant site has the history. I was told by a local that the aircrew were taken to the NI border by the Irish Army and they walked across to waiting British troops.

The Clock Tower - History

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