American PXs and German NAAFIs

Possibly going with a few others on an ex in the Germany/Holland border area.

Whats the rules on us getting into these places, in PX's am I correct in thinking u just need to show a MOD 90 and in NAAFI's you need to register a nominal role (if so how do u do that, I can't imagine I can just walk up and saying please serve troop) ?

thanks (inexperienced) polar, I'm not the QM btw
To get on a US base you need to be on the system, which involves proving you are posted to Germany, have varius signed forms and then get teh ID card (which requires finger print and eye scan). SO it is a no go for a quick visit
I believe you need a NATO travel order to get into PX's if you're not stationed there or have it agreed beforehand with them if you're travelling through. They can get quite arrsey about it. I've got one on my base and its like trying to get into the bunker at PJHQ wearing a dishdash and shemagh sometimes even when in rig because I'm not a Spam!


You can use teh NAAFI, but I don't think you can purchase tax free goodies like tabs and booze. You're cheaper buying your booze at a German Supermarket anyway.

As for the PX, there are some queer rulings about who can and who can't. You need to get a special sort of ID card or permit. Best ask your host unit before you come out here.
ISTR at Rhiendalen last year we had to have a ration book or something to buy stuff in the naafi

Didnt stop us mind and I dont think the naafi biffs really cared

PX I think you may need to flash your mod90

BTW the px in Rhien D is a bit crap now , better off in the other countrys shops near the mess
PX - you wont have a chance as you have to go through the process of submitting a sponsored application (to prove you are based in BFG and tax-free entitled) followed by a visit (up to weeks later) to a PX to get your ID issued.

NAAFI - You actually need a ration card to shop in NAAFI for any reason (not just to buy rationed items). You may get away with it in an on-camp singlies NAAFI but there is a greater chance of being asked to produce your ration card in the larger pads' NAAFIs (which generally have more goods on offer).
^Never had a problem with the PX in Monchengladbach, just went in and produced MOD 90.

When I last went to a BFG NAAFI (@Elmpt), I think our PSAO or SSM had given them our nominal role and they were checking us off this list (which was pee'ing off other TA Regts and Sqns).
Used PXs in Oberammagau and Garmisch last summer on presentation of MOD 90: no further questions asked (although the gate guard insisted on taking the card out of my wallet and handling it). Only thing you can't buy seems to be from the commisary.

Tried to get into the PX in Seoul in '98 but couldn't even get onto camp or speak to anyone other than the frankly terrifying Korean guard.

Not a chance getting into the PXs in the UK except by sleight of hand: I got my USMC oppo to distract the guard at the entrance at Lakenheath while I slipped in through the unguarded exit. Then got him to buy everything I wanted as you have to show ID on paying.
The US Forces in Europe have introduced the new ID cards for access to any US Mil Installation so therefore if the PX you are trying to visit is on a US facility you are stumped.
If the PX is like the one in JHQ, ie not on a US installation you should have to produce your MOD90 and Ration Card but normally they cannot be bothered (ie never can be bothered).

NAAFI - you must have a Ration Card to shop for anything (Ration Card is only part of the card it is also a Shopping Permit) fail to produce and they can and will prevent you for buying anything fm fags to sh1t roll. All to do with Status Of Forces Agreement and Supplement Agreement (SOFA & SA).
JHQ is the most restrictive and play the rules the tightest.

TA units can buy in bulk from NAAFI your QM will be able to sort – Get him to speak to UKSC(G) G1 to sort.
In BFG NAAFIs you now have to be issued with, and produce when requested, a Ration Card and your MoD 90. The ration card is your proof of entitlement to shop and is issued from the families office, in the same building as the Post Office in JHQ!

The American PX in JHQ only requires you to show your ID if in civilian clothing and rarely asks you for a ration card if buying spirits. Beer is no problem.

The cheapest place to buy perfumes etc is the Dutch PX.

The NATO airbase at Geilenkirchen (NATEX) is the best place to shop if you can get there, about 30 mins away. If in a military veh, no problem. If in a civvy veh you will need to have a BFG fuel card to get a tempory car pass at the guardroom, otherwise walk, its not that far.

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