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Just a quick one, I'm posted to Paderborn just now and was hoping to visit an American PX soon to buy some odds and ends for the house, plus get a mega supply of Mountain Dew, Fruit Loops, etc. Does anyone have an idea what one would be closest to here?
Try asking here.

You'll find they're only too happy to help with any info you require about Germany in general and Paderborne in particular.

Alternatively ask at work. Someone there will know.
Don’t just turn up.

You require a US facilities ID Card, this requires you getting the paperwork from your admin or welfare office first getting it completed and signed.

You then have to go to the US admin office with said paperwork, have a picture taken and you are then presented with a very nice ID card. They are only open on Weekdays though.

If you know someone with a card they can get 3 (I think) people in with them as long as the individuals have their passport with them.

A lot of facilities have closed in the last couple of years so I am not sure what the closest to you that issues the cards is (used to be one in Hanau Frankfurt)
There's a small one in JHQ Rheindahlen, but should have what you are after. You can call in on the way to Paderborn. You will just need your MOD 90 and (perhaps, can't remember sorry) your NAAFI ration card
Up until 3 years ago I was responsible for the inventories for AAFES in Europe, sadly many of them have gone and unless major U-turns took place, JHQ is the last in the Northwest of Germany the next accessable ones are Ramstein, Heidleberg, Spangdahlen, SHAPE (if you can get access), US Embassy Brussels (if you have access), Geilenkirchen-Natex.

Sadly Giessen, Wiesbaden, Mainz-Kastel and Hanau got mothballed although I am not sure about Wiesbaden and Darmstadt.

On a plus note, Garmisch is still open along with Stuttgart and if you are the Arty type then Grafenwoehr. Ramstein now has a massive new Supermall so if you get a chance take a look, though you might want to leave the wife outside :)
CAARPS said:
Victorian_Major said:
There was one near Hameln - I'll try and remember the name...
Hessisch (Hess) Oldendorf, went years ago, it was a crcking little facility
It was indeed. My ex-husband got us thrown off the camp because he wouldn't stand still whilst they were playing the national anthem :roll:

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