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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Arnster, Dec 20, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone advise me on what the score is on shopping in the America PX's in Germany/Holland/ Belgium? going back a fews years ago when based in Germany i remember only needing a NATO travel order & MOD 90 in order to shop in the PXs. I have heard that the Americans have clamped down on us Brits using the PXs. I have just been posted to Belgium so would like to grab some bargains :)
  2. in relation to belgium the only people that can use the PX at Chievres is US and Canadian troops.
  3. Very much dependant on local standing orders. The various US units in Germany have differing rules, US bases involved with NATO eg Naples, any local NATO individual can use the NEX and other facilities inc, pool and cinema etc, so long as you have an ID card for JFC Naples. But its quite easy to get sponsored onto the camp if you know an American. So as i said, very much dependant on the local standing orders.
  4. In 2003 US Army installations brought in a new ID system that required digitised finger print to be added to the reverse of the ID cards. For pers in BFG this ment getting a series of forms filled out and validated in yr garrison prior to going to one of a few listed facilities on US bases that had a pass office. Having got your pass you could sign up to 8 pers in and gain access to PX/BX no problems.

    Without the new ID card if was FO (dependant on local SOs). My card worked for me ealier this year not a problem.
  5. a couple of years ago you had to get an installation pass which would allow access to bases and PX's. All you had to do was get a form from the SSO's office and travel on down to a US base (we went to wurzburg) and you get a nice snazzy photo card valid for good few years. Not sure if this is still the case though. And i'm pretty sure that it was only BFG based personell that were allowed
  6. To shop in the PX/BX in Germany an additional permit is required which is initially obtained from your own unit in Germany. However there is a small BX in JHQ, all you need to shop there is your MOD 90 or F1250. I get the impression that AAFES doesn't send its brightest managers to JHQ, because the selection of goods could be improved upon, however Levis at $ 30.00 each are a good deal, also Webber barbeques, Maglite torches are cheaper than anywhere else. Give it a try.
  7. Many thanks for your advise, i'm after a gas bbq for the summer may try JHQ PX.
  8. Do it mate. They have a catolouge you can order from too :thumright:

  9. But be prepared for a long wait, sometimes items that have been ordered just don't turn up and no explanation is forthcoming because no one there knows what the others are doing.
    Voice of experience.
  10. Unlucky, worked for me 8)
  11. I had no problems with the PX at JHQ when they ordered in a watch for me. It was well worth it as I saved a ton of cash.