American Psychiatrist Kills 13

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bollock-chops, Nov 6, 2009.

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  1. I take it you've a problem understanding what the thread " 12 shot dead at US army base " is about ? :roll:
  2. Ignoring for a second the fact that the subject's already being covered elsewhere...

    Why should people be exempt from certain tours? Surely if they feel strongly enough about a subject that they're willing to kill their friends and colleagues for it, then not sending them on a tour to Afghanistan isn't going to change their fundamental thinking? Surely in that case, they shouldn't even be in the army in the first place, and therefore not have to worry about the moral dilemma that they've set for themselves.

    Oh, and comparing suicide bombers to someone throwing himself on a grenade? C0ck. (The shooter, not you)
  3. Did anyone ask him how that made him feel?
  4. Thanks Choppy.Not seen it anywhere else.

    Except for arrse,bbc,sky,daily telegraph,sky,Rochdale Courier,sky,bbc and arrse.
  5. Sadly the liberal networks over here are clucking sympathetically about the murdering son of a bitch. Interviewing his relatives etc.
  6. My sympathy to our American friends over the casualties taken at Fort Hood.

    My congratulations to the young woman who dropped the gunman.

    My earnest hope that an officer and doctor who broke both his oaths will pay in full for the harm that he has done.

  7. That thread is now locked so this is it if one wants to opine.
  8. If he didn't want to go, despite that being what he is paid to do, he could have just gone AWOL.

    Shooting 50 odd people (killing 13) is not really the sign of a pacifist or conchy.

    Hopefully the death chamber awaits, maybe a twofers deal with Sgt hasan ackbar.
  9. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I see now that the Scientologists are right when they say that Psychiatry is a dodgy and dangerous discipline.

    Mind you, in everything else they are utterly barking, but in this case I can almost see their point.
  10. Glad this thread started. The old one got locked due to one pster with over the top posts inspired by anger and perhaps alcohol and others slagging him while a few of us were trying to share information.

    There has been a lot of talk about the female officer who put 4 rounds into Major Hasan despite being wounded. Today I spotted an article that names her and also discusses another quite young woman who was helping others despite having been shot.

    Amber Bahr is a soldier, unclear as to what rank but she is 19, joined at 17.

    A big Bravo Zulu to Sgt Munley. But for her the death toll could have been worse.
  11. Saw the title and thought it was a Hannibal Lector story : :roll:
  12. Pics of Sgt Munley and Amber Bahr

    Attached Files:

  13. According to the Indy:

    "The 39-year-old Army major worked at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center pursuing his career in psychiatry, as an intern, a resident and, last year, a fellow in disaster and preventive psychiatry."

    How ironic.
  14. We're lucky that islam is the religion of peace, I hate to think what might of happened otherwise.

    Well done to Munley & Bahr, out of adversity comes bravery.