American Private Militias Prepare For Civil War With Government

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by REMFQuestions, Aug 20, 2010.

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  1. Afraid? Somehow, I don't see the South Rising Again. Groups like this talk big, and McVay proved they can be dangerous, but lets not pretend it's going to be The War of Northern Aggression Reloaded.
  2. Proscribed Groups of this nature numbered 190 before Obamas election, they are now triple that number. Denying something doesn't make it disappear.
  3. These people are airsofters on acid! They're coping with a great big social angst by arming themselves to deal with that supposed threat.
    But what if they ever get organised? I don't think they will. Little bands of Militiamen are the private fiefs of their leaders and they do not want other alpha-male leaders to interfere with their band. I think they will sooner start to fight one and another than take on the government.
    It's like the IRA. The IRA should never actually win in NI; because then the organisation that these men spent their live building would become useless. The same goes for the nutters in the Texas backlands and the forests of the North West Pacific coast.
  4. They're not Proscribed Groups are they ?
  5. That's currently part of the debate, maybe proscribed was the wrong word.

    However, the majority are not airsofters, the majority of them are ex-forces, often veterans.
  6. And don't forget the sky might fall on your head too!
  7. Eh? Yes, because the 'unabomber' is obviously a figment of my imagination as is McVeigh. Not to mention the Christian Groups which have just been caught in the middle of a plot to start executing police officers.

    The assassination plot against Obama and then the dirty bomb plot for his inauguration which was foiled. Clearly I am tinfoil hat material.

    Or maybe (and I am just throwing this out there)...indicators exist which point to the fact that an organised collective violent action is underway in the United States in order to redress a percieved injustice.
  8. Out of the mouths of babes...
  9. WOW you really are wrapped in your own little mindset there aren't you?

    Kindly exit the thread stage left. And take your Arnaud Amalric quote with you. It's just as ridiculous as you.
  10. There are ALWAYS plots going on against the American President. There are ALWAYS bearded men with big guts and big guns out in the hills who want to organise themselves agains a: Uncle Sam b: 't Gummint c: Jews d: Communists e: Lizzard men f: The UN g: the Bilderberg Conference h: The voices in their heads i: A combination of the above.

    Indicators also exist that you need to take your medication and ask mama if you can get out some more...
  11. LOL @ receiving abuse for posting a link to a well researched and balanced piece of reporting. Only on arrse haha.
  12. Cleatus and Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob will overthrow the government…

    …just as soon as they finish shagging their sisters and mothers.

    Inbred redneck retards the lot of them.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It is my personal belief that we have been animals for a good deal longer than we have been 'civilised', and that civilisation is a thin veneer painted onto what we are as a carnivorous species of animal. It might take a civil war, or it might taken a storm and broken levee . . levie . . . dam to wash or blow that veneer away, but once it happens, and until order or civilisation is restored, it's every man, woman and child for themselves (or small group with an able leader). The government of the United Kingdom had no civil contingencies in place for nuclear armageddon. If the cold war had got hot (as in sunshine hot), the government fully expected for the whole of society and civilisation in the UK to end, with millions of deaths over and above those caused by bombs brought about through starvation, disease and murder as the survivors lived by the rule of survival of the fittest. They had no plans to fix that, only the survival of their own in bunkers until it all went away. Then they figured they might be able to slowly rebuild.

    'Civilisation' provides armies and police for itself to defend it, but if those armies and police fail, you get the Russian Steppes during the German advance (and retreat), you get (briefly) New Orleans, you get Bosnia, you get the Iraqi social and legal melt-down that occurred within weeks of the invasion. People turn feral and they turn on each other, and in situations like that, in which you have vulnerable cattle being herded and consumed and wolves preying on the weak, it's better to be armed and able to defend the former and yours from the latter than to be a victim.

    That's not to say that we should all form militias, or run around in camo gear talking about the end of the world whilst planning to shoot coppers, but I feel it is no worse a thing to have communities of people who engange in bushcraft, fieldcraft, survival, medicine and shooting sports than it is to have lawyers, doctors and civil servants, because if it does ever go tits up, it's the former that will put back in place what it takes for the latter to ply their skills and trades.

    Society and civilisation in the UK has constructs and organisations in place to cater to the very real risk of the failure of the systems that give us that 'civilisation' and a structured society. You only have to look to see them - the Scout movement, Girl Guides, ACF, the TA, the Army, Police, the NRA, Bushcraft and survival organisations all around the country, herbal medicine practitioners, survivalists, rescue specialists. Each would have a part to play in the survival of our species should the worst happen. Preparedness at all levels is a good thing, whilst blind faith in the ability of society to survive natural or man-made disasters is short-sighted and stupid.

    What's also rather stupid on the other hand, is 'armed militias' talking of engaging the government and police or army in times of peace when they are not under a malign dictatorship. They can be formed quickly enough at the time of crisis should it be necessary and lots of people have the skills and kit.