American Pride!

I have recently returned from a holiday in Florida, Doing the Disney thing for the one and only time. The thing I would like to bring to your attention is, I was happily getting ready to watch Shamoo the Killer whale when out of the Blue the presenter of the show asked all American soldiers and allied gulf war forces and vetrans to stand. Then the entire stadium of people gave a resounding applause while the presenter gave a speech thanking us for our sacrifice and wished us well. All this while the staduim camera panned around the crowd transmitting to the big screen up front. Question is national pride in the armed forces only for the americans? Our chaps seem to be appreciated only on days such as today! :cry:
You can knock the Spams for a lot of things, but they do have a pride in what their forces do and aren't shy in showing it. I think Vietnam is the only exception to this and should be seen as a 'blip' on the chart.

I was over there when I got back from Telic 1 and was surprised to see the number of yellow ribbons and "Support our troops" banners in the windows of cars and shops. I even stopped at a McD's for a bite to eat and joked about the "Free Meal to all Gulf Veterans' sign in the window to be told "Yes, British veterans count as our allies in the Gulf, you don't have to pay"..... and they didn't ask for proof!

There's a lot wrong with life in the States, but some things they do have right, or at least better than we do.

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