American Patrol Ambushed!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by bigsouth1981, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. crap work PC wont let me watch, how about a brief commentary?
  2. Cool video,!


    Vehicle patrol, 4 Sabres at night

    Point sabre gets ambushed by RPG, the rest let off a lot of rounds, eventually get the enemy

    More rounds start coming inbound so they pick up the crew of the ambusted vehicle at start to foxtrot oscar.

    Just as they are leaving the police turn up, thus they start to turn around to support. End Vid!

  3. Shot from inside humvee as you can imagine bit incomphrensible . Convoy goes past iraq police checkpoints GI comment they dont trust them . Lead vechicle hits ied and comes under fire .fire returned though it seemed gunner in this vechicle spent more time ducking down inside of vechicle . Vechicle then draws up to second vechicle while also requesting air assests
    .You can see guy in vechicle in front reloading in cupola silouhetted by burning vechicle to his front .No casualties so remount in remaining vechicles and bug out .Quick ammo state on way out . They also pass another iraq police convoy on way out comment on
    how they always turn up after event .
  4. Nice to see they think so highly of the Iraqi Police:(

    One thing I noticed, although they're getting ambushed and there's a bit of shouting, the soldiers seem to basically just be ambling around in the middle of a firefight!
  5. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    They seem to be lacking any drills or sense of purpose. Some return fire whilst others stay crouched in the vehicles as the slowly manouevre around. I don't know what the US SOPs for this kind of incident are, but they don't appear to be following them.
  6. Is it me or does the main vehicle illuminate all the other bods in the road with its headlights?

    All credit to the guy filming though, personally I'd be lying on the floor counting the rivets, and not necessarily the Humvee ones.

  7. How the hell they managed to escape with no casualties is beyond me.

    Lucky? That's more than lucky !!

    A complete and utter shower of sh*t. They probably survived because the Ambushers were rolling round on the floor in heaps of laughter
  8. Just underlines how totally incompetent they are
  9. [​IMG]

    - Check out this enlightened users other posts for insight. I'm not even going to resort to making a cheap shot along the lines that this guy is prob some twelve year old kid... Oh I just did. :roll:
  10. Sorry - I was only trying to artfully highlight the absurdity of the previous post. Guess I hit a nerve.
  11. Which is more than the septics hit in the ambush. :wink:
  12. yes I agree - if attacking Iraqi insurgents was as easy as attacking your fragile national ego, this war would have been over a long time ago.