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Discussion in 'Officers' started by ScreamingEagle327, May 29, 2008.

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  1. Do you guys see many US Army officer liasons in the UK? US Army Captain here.
  2. I think I may have seen one at HQLF. There's certainly a lanky French one
  3. There is generally a US officer on attachment at RMAS at any one time. Don't know if it is always Army.
  4. There are loads at many different types of unit. What your trade/specialisation will depend on the vacancies open to you.

  5. Warminster normally has at least 2. 1 x Inf and an Engr.
  6. Usually 1 with a Para Bn as well.

    Isn't there a page on with all the Exchange Info on it? Sure I saw it not so long ago.
  7. Hi ScreamingEagle327,

    I'm an infrequent poster here on ARRSE but I did an 2-year exchange post with the US Army not long ago, so maybe I can add some info.

    First of all, this is the British Defence Staff page on the Exchange Officer programme, which should give you a start point:

    All of the other posters are pretty much correct and, for an infantryman (I'm assuming from your user name that you are), there are at least 4 jobs I can remember ...

    A slot with one of the Parachute Regt Bns (Coy Comd or 2IC, I think)
    A slot with 16 Air Asslt Bde staff
    A post at Warminster (HQ Director of Infantry if memory serves)
    A post on the staff at RMA Sandhurst

    The first 2 will require you to be airborne-qualified (Ranger/Air Asslt would be nice to have but not essential) but all are top-rated slots that you'll enjoy; as with us going the other way, the working environment will seem different but there'll be lots of common ground, particularly with ops the way they are. Expect to deploy in the first 2 jobs if your assignment coincides with a deployment (though your Embassy staff have the final say, as I found out). The Advanced Command and Staff Course (ACSC) als takes US students and has US Directing Staff.

    Two final points:

    1. Don't cripple your career. If any of these would get in the way of becoming Branch-qualified or doing CGSC, then delay them.

    2. The post of Liaison Officer is different to these (these are Exchange Officer jobs). LNOs are usually Lt Cols and still work directly for their parent MoD/DoD in a given field, like Force Development. With these jobs, you are embedded fully and only a few bits of home nation policy (like UCMJ) will still apply to you.

    Good luck in whatever you choose to do - if you come, you'll have a ball.


  8. When you go to CGSC there is an elective which lets you exchange with ICSC(L) for 2 weeks, its only available to the Aug start though.

    There are a number of US LO's in MND(SE) if you want to work with the Brits on ops.
  9. Also SI Engr Int in Command Wing at 1RSME, a major's job.

  10. Here it is:
  11. Bowmore_Assassin

    Bowmore_Assassin LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There is a log ops focussed US Army Majors exchange post at the Defence Logistic Operations Centre, DSCOM in Andover (due to move to Abbeywood, Bristol in 2009).
  12. I just got a job working at Wattisham airfield (US/UK exchange) flying WAH-64's, Anyone know anything about that place?
  13. If you pm Legs, he may admit to the odd liason with an American officer.
  14. There was one on the staff of TACC 72 in June this year
  15. The best place to ask is prob ably the AAC forum.