American officer heading to London--advice sought


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Firstly, on accommodation. I hear the advice from others about halls, but the halls at Denmark Hill and New Cross are a right pain to commute from and are both out in the sticks in South London.

You are taking the piss surely? Denmark Hill runs a regular train service into Victoria and New Cross into Charing Cross, just a short walk to The Strand, in fact so short, come out of the station and there it is, both roughly a 10 minute run into Central London. Even if not staying in halls in those areas, accommodation for a 1 bed flat will only run to around £1200ish.

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Also take time to experience a country with thousands of years of history - don't just consign yourself to London visit some of the historic places that are in the sticks - if you can suffer the culture and I mean a true history lesson then drop me a pm and I'm
Happy to be a tour guide in hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset - think Avebury ring or cerne Abbas giant and you'll be in the right box :)

Heh heh. "Box."

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Denmark hill is my local station - downside of it is nightmare access at rush hour and the blackfriars trains tend to be overcrowded. That said the Phoenix pub in the station is forst rate and there is a cracking vietnamese place 30 seconds walk for late night munchies.

The new halls look superb although i have my doubts about the council estate next to them!

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Joshua Slocum

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and while you get a chance visit your embassy before they move to a less salubrious part of town
Stand in Grosvenor square and look upon the statue of Franklin D Roosevelt
the british public raised the money for that statue in a few days,, given the state of the country post war it was surprising how much was given by so many
a mark of respect for a great man
the Duke of Westminster donated the land for it
we are quite fond of Americans really but dont like to show it
As an alternative perspective to much of the above:-

You have a year of being a student, followed by possibly a career of doing things in green. If so, why not take the opportunity to enjoy the student life and avoid ANYTHING military?

Or do as everyone else does. Claim refugee status, cite your human rights, and sign on welfare. join the club!

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