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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by watto135, Sep 7, 2006.

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  1. hello
    Awondered if any of the americans based over has any MRE ration packs that i could get some willing to pay or swap for some brit ration packs

    cheers Watto
  2. Why?

    Just to satisfy your curiosity?

    Or do you actually prefer them to British rations?
  3. I do....

    (Except for Bacon and beans....hmmmm....bacon and beans...!)
  4. Ive used both before for camping - for ease of use, the american MRE's are pretty hard to beat! :)
  5. MRES are just for 1 meal ours are for 24 hours. Saying that MRE's are
    good trading items as the goodies in them are great . Thing is the spams love ours for some reason.
  6. the grass is always greener!!
  7. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

    Our old 'C' rations were a three meal ration as well. As you say MREs are pretty much a one meal ration. I don't have to much experience with them. I always prefered LRRP rations, that were around for awhile and I understand they may be coming back again.

    Of course, there are always favorites in any of the rations, mine were Beans & Franks in the C-Rats and the worst was Ham & Limas! Ugh!

    Of course another hit in the C-Rats was canned peaches w/juice and the pound cake! Great breakfast! :roll:
  8. I always try to stock up on the little cooker bags for when i'm back in
    UK/BFG. The spoons are really handy but there never about when you
    need them . We had hundreds of MRES on telic 5 at Dogwood but i had
    just 1 little brown spoon for the whole 5 weeks.
  9. E Bay is a good source of MREs
  10. Waht you can sell MRE's on e-bay? Right i am going into business.
  11. Only Special Operator MREs!
  12. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Those of us that tried the orginal MREs, ie before the commercial items were added and as they phased out C-Rats, will remember that the Septics ate/eat a mixture of junk food & kiddie graze - they were funny but made a change from tinned compo.
    They wee cakes esecially were well worth spilling claret over, although the 'dehydrated beef patty' looked & tasted like dysenteric dog egg.
    The latest ones with Taster's Choice Cofee,& M&Ms, etc are much better & the mutt's for camping or as a change from ORPs, but in the fd I'd take our issue every time.

    Watto, if you just want some decent rations for camping try the Spam LRRP jobbies, still the weird menus but ½ the weight & 2/3 the size.
    (Although they still take up more room than ORPs.)
  13. nagh just fancied a change than using the rat packs we have
    had loads on telic 2 when made freinds with the septics from KBR who was building the CPA just fancy a change & we have a load of newbies at the unit who have never seen how the other half live.

    have checked ebay 2 packs went for £15 big uns earlier but thats a bit steep

  14. I agree with Cuts, the "LRRP jobbies" are much better. I used to carry them when I could get them.
  15. I love the pound cakes from MRE's. Was a bit dubious about the 'milkshakes' though as you made them with water!