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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BigRed, Nov 14, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me or have we now adopted the American Lane system on motorways. I know a lot of unsure drivers feel "safer"(i.e. cannot be ARRSED to drive) sitting in the middle lane of a motorway but what is it with the latest trend of sitting in the right lane? Both are overtaking lanes aren't they?

    Don't get me wrong I enjoy passing everybody whilst in the left lane but sure a copper will pull me soon for it under the two wheel terrorist act..............
  2. Sir I applaud you! I recently was travelling on the motorway in the early hours of a saturday morning bumbling along at 75-80mph in the "Driving lane" there was not a soul around when I caught up white a 1960's mercredes doing about 60mph in the centre lane, I didnt bother moving and undercut him, the old boy driving took much offence to this and began flashing his lights and gesturing that the English archers at Agincourt kept their bow fingers, I just cheerily waved back (try this it makes them madder!) If he didnt like it, change bloody lanes!

    Also is it me or have the driving population lost the knowledge of how roundabouts work? It just seems a bit of a free for all at them these days, now you have to drive to accomodate for shite drivers otherwise your insurance claims would be through the roof!
  3. Ifind getting right up close on the inside lane, swerving across wildly to the outside lane and then back across right in front of them to the inside lane sometimes gets the message across.

    But why is it always a woman driver in a big 4x4 (except when its an old geezer in a flat cap in a pre 1970 model)
  4. I’m a firm believer that we should be fitted with cattle pushers (those large metal skirts fitted to the front of Wild West trains) on the front of the cars so we can knock these gits into the nearside lane. :twisted:


    Overtaking on the near side lane should be made legal.
  5. I drive in the right hand lane, but only briefly on very long right hand corners.
  6. No, it's not you. The problem locally is that a lot of roundabouts are wide enough for two cars abreast, even if the road isn't marked as such, so you get cars side by side wanting to go straight on.

    And indicators seem to be a thing of the past.

    The more this goes on, the more in favour I become of traffic lights on roundabouts. They cut out a lot of the guesswork.
  7. Agreed. R'bouts are an opportunity to overtake these days. Doesn't matter whether they indicate or not - doesn't matter about their position on the road - it's impossible to predict which way motorists will go.

    Once saw two drivers parked ON a r'bout at Gatwick milling the hell out of each other after a 'misunderstanding'.
  8. I fu*king HATE middle lane sitters...I have adopted an autobahn style policy of tailgating intimidation.

    The police should concentrate on catching and giving these people points for obstruction as this practice is dangerous, annoying and provokes aggressive driving (see above!).

    Lights on roundabouts is also a good idea; stops the risk of being t-boned as I nearly have been many times!!!
  9. Middle lane sitters should be made to drive on the autobahn and then they will see why the should move over.
    Nothing better than hitting 180KM plus and having some one up your arse wanting to over take.

    Speed Kills well only if you stop.
  10. The middle lane hoggers effectively reduce our 3 lane motorways to a 2 lane dual carriageway, unfortunately without the Teutonic overtaking routine.

    If traffic is busy then chopping and changing lanes will add to congestion, but when traffic is free flowing I will undertake, do the swerving from inside to outside lane and back to attempt to make the hoggers realise they could quite easily move into the correct lane!

    Also why on earth do people have an obsession with having foglights on (front and rear) when there's no fog? :evil:
  11. Heading up the A6 yesterday morning, dualled road drops down through woodland and bends slightly to the left on final approach to a roundabout.

    As we get quite close my chauffeur says "tw@t" as he sees a stationary car in the inside lane - no flashers or triangle about so must be a fresh problem. We steer into outside lane (which is conveniently empty) and see that there's more afoot.

    Parked on road and on outside lane of roundabout are 4 cars, parked up and cross-decking a number of youngsters kitted out for their imminent under 10s football match.

    Now we had no problem as the road was fairly clear, but it was frosty morning, with bouts of fog, and there's a lot of leaves on the road. Things could have been a lot worse.

    To add to our anger & amazement, 30 yards past the roundabout was a big, pub car park. Open and empty, cross-decking kids for the use of.

    [Grrrrrrrr] Parents who want 20mph near their schools etc, then pull stunts like this. These jerks couldn't have done much worse, and it would be nice for them to instantly lose their licenses. Then there'd be more space on the roads & motorways. [/Grrrrrrr]
  12. I drive through Aylesbury quite frequently and outside one school there is a speed camera, normally I would say its well sighted; however at any time that the little cherubs are likely to be running amock on the main road there is no chance of doing anything more than 10mph due to the weight of traffic with all of the parents picking their fat little offspring up and using the main road as a free car park! :x
  13. Oh god no, no traffic lights on roundabouts.

    The boxheads have only just started to realise the benefits of roundabouts at busy junctions and are busily installing them all over the place, the time saving as opposed to traffic lights everywhere is amazing.

    The rules for using them are a bit different to the UK, no indicators allowed until just before you want to leave the roundabout, which can make for some fun and games, but they are still a hell of a lot better than the old "give way to the right" or traffic lights every 100 yards.

    Must agree that all CLODs (Centre Lane Owner Drivers) should be taken out and shot every morning for a week.
  14. I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets wound up to fcuk about this.

    Every weekend I have to drive from Hampshire to Blackpool, 261 miles each way, I average 3 hrs 45 mins....because I leave at 2200hrs, during the day this could be anything up to 7 hrs. Even in the middle of the night, with next to nothing on the roads the middle lane nobbers are still there, even the occasional outside lane nobber appears, normally in 4x4s owning the road. Last night I drove for nearly 11 miles line astern with a nobber in the middle lane until i got bored and upped the ante by 5mph, he never shifted.

    The approach of swerve out, around and back across does not seem to faze these people, to me it is more fuel required and a longer journey. I now just sit on the inside lane and undertake - at first it felt a bit naughty now it is a matter of course.

    I'm not sure why this has come about, admittedly I think cruise control could be a factor (and laziness) but an awful lot of offenders do appear to be either foreign (looking) or women (taking cover now).

    I felt so strongly about it one night I pulled into services and rang the Janice Long show on radio 2 and asked her to dedicate a track to all the "middle lane hoggers" on the M6, she played it but omitted the bit where I said "I hope they all die a painful death from tertiary stage syphillis"

    I think it is time for a bit of public broadcast road safety advertising, like the old clunk-click adverts. Saying that, I did notice about a month ago that the big information signs on the M6 were saying things like "please keep to the left hand lane when not overtaking" - it's a start and shows that the authorities are thinking about it.

    Next week - Floppyjocky whines like fcuk about people who aid queues of traffic by speeding past and forcing there way in.

    that explains it all.....

    Am on the roads a lot and travel many a mile on our Motorway network and have, on occasion, had need to undertake - be it illegal or not.

    Now if there is a long queue of traffic waiting to pass lorry then fair enough - will wait my turn, but get rather irate at the coffin dodgers or sales reps that sit in the middle or right hand lane when they should have moved over, and I will cut passed them on the underside.

    Do wish the wankers in the middle-lane would realise that there actions (or lack of) contribute to the clogged problems we have on key sections of road.