American marine captured in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ben_the_medic, Jun 27, 2004.

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  1. Just heard this off my BBC breaking news thingy
    Wait out for more info
    Sounds scary though
  2. Most certainly going home in two boxes. Has the world become desensitised to this now?
  3. chopping heads off will never work and they may as well not bother as nobody will give in to terrorist.
    i blame the spaniards myself by capitulating to them gave the terrorist hope of more leverage thru beheadings :(
  4. The BBC is reporting that he was executed a few hours ago.

    What a mess!
  5. MDN , are they talking about the Arabic descended Marine, or SFC Maupin who was lifted about 12 weeks ago?

    Condolences to the family and colleagues of the murdered prisoner, and if Cpl Hassoun is still alive, I hope and pray his colleagues are leaving no stone unturned looking for him.
  6. its Maupin
  7. There are reports that the Turkish (muslim) hostages have been released. Those who lifted Cpl Hassoun may score an own goal if they murder him, as he is also a muslim.
  8. I suspect that they'd wouldn't care, he would simply be another number on their way to glory. Sad as it may seem.

    Hope I'm wrong.
  9. I'm not sure that that will particularly bother them. It seems to me that the target audience for internet beheadings is the US electorate rather than the Islamic world.
  10. Poor fokkers. Horrid thing to say but by not bowing to their demands hooefully the message will get trough and the murders stop - the worst thing would be for a government to give in to demands.
  11. Obviously you'd think the same if you were being held
  12. Well done kebab.

    10/10 for stating the bleeding obvious.

  13. its a no win situation i fear, the terrorists will not end their murderous ways and the (majority of) the civilised will not give in to them. i feel so sorry for the families of the people captured, murdered, injured or tortured but sadly i can't see any sensible way out. horrible times we live in.