American lesson of democracy to Iraqi journalist

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Jan 9, 2006.

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    But wat is his guilt?

    Now I see that he is indeed a very dangerous insurgent.
  2. Segey if I did a raid and found a Guardian Journalist, I wouldn't be wasting 5.56mm firing widly into the bedroom!
  3. A disturbing story, 'Guardian journo' or not.

    No doubt the US troops who carried out the raid were acting in good faith, but the coalition might be well advised to look rather closely at the source of the intel fingering the journalist or his address. Apart from anything else, the corruption allegations may involve US and British taxpayers' money as well as 'Iraqi funds', whatever they may be.
  4. Yes, a bit of a mistake on the spams side. This will be yet another journo who will now look sceptically upon the Coalitions presence in iraq (If he didn't already, what with being a guardian journo :wink: )
  5. My guess is that the reality was that when they bashed in the door, some guy had a negligent discharge of a single round somewhere, this got re-described into 'came in shooting'.

    I have never seen a TTP trained in the US which has people shoot as soon as the door is open, even in conventional urban ops.

  6. People are jumping to believe the journalist on this, without hearing the American veiw and not weighing the prepublicity that the Guardian likes to engage in on its special projects involving real media like telly