American Jihadhi who helped train 7/7 Bombers released after 5 Years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by rampant, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Rather surprised no one has picked up on this story, though I may have missed in my searches, Mohammed Junaid Bubar, the American Jihadhist who established the training camp where the 7/7 Bombers learned their trade has been released after 5 years. He was sentenced for "time served" by the Judge for "exceptional co-operation".

    Jihadi who helped train 7/7 bomber freed by US after just five years | UK news | The Guardian

  2. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Additional Articles:

    The al-Qaida supergrass and the 7/7 questions that remain unanswered | UK news | The Guardian

  3. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    And lastly:

    Al-Qaida supergrass: MPs seek answers as pressure on Hague increases | World news | The Guardian


    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    I suspect that David Davies is right; after the release of the Lockerbie Bomber, enquiring Brits will be told to kindly do one. I'm just surprised that people are still shocked to find that counter-terrorism has an unavoidable element of doing deals with scumbags
  5. I would hope that "exceptional co'operation" means that he has proide a lot of ueful information? If so, he may have been safer inside?
  6. rampant

    rampant LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Indeedily, this is realpolitik. Though there some questions with regard to 7/7, the US were able to utilise this guy to extract information for use in a number of prosecutions, compare that to al-Megrahi.

    The concept of State's Evidence/Witness although somewhat uncomfortable has proved successful in capturing bigger or more prolific game.

    On the otherhand when one compares it to the numerous unnecessary incarcerations at Guantanamo, for example, which for many lasted a lot longer things would seem more unpalatable.