American Immigrants to Canada: Means Test

Much has been made of the 100,000 plus Americans who are seeking information on emigrating to Canada now that Dubya won a second term..
well.. here's a quick quiz to see if any of them know spit about Canadian/American relations..

1] A North American country is attacked by terrorists, who bomb, kidnap and murder. The country's leader imposes martial law, jailing many citizens without charge. Most of the population supports the measure. The terrorist movement is crushed. This happened in
a - Canada b - the United States c - both

2] A North American country sends troops to an Arab state, ostensibly to help the oppressed population. While there, the troops imprison civilians, commit torture and murder, and even take snapshots of their abusive behaviour. This was done by:
a - Canadians b - Americans c - both

3] The early Europeans in Canada and the U.S. massacred many aboriginal people. But, in 1829, only one of these settler groups managed to completely eradicate a distinct group of natives, the tribe that gave rise to the name " Red Indians "..The proud descendants of these genocidal settlers live in:
a - Canada b- The U.S. c- both

4] Twice in living memory, a country under a genocidal military dictatorship, harbouring weapons of mass destruction, has threatened freedom-loving people everywhere. Both times, one of the following countries rushed unhesitatingly to war while the other hesitated an agonizingly long time on the sidelines. the country that waited on the sidelines was:

a- Canada b - America c- both

5] In a film perplexingly voted " the greatest documentary ever made " Michael Moore claimed Canadians, per capita, have just as many guns as Americans, but that Canadians have fewer gun crimes because they are morally superior..Which of the following statement is[are] correct?

a - Canadians have far fewer guns per capita than Americans
b - Those few Canadian psychos with assault weapons do sometimes go on killing sprees
c - All countries with high rates of gun ownership have high gun crime rates
d - Michael Moore's pants catch fire every time he steps out in public

6] Finally, if you stand on U.S. soil..Canada is to the:
a - North
b - East
c - South
d - West
e - All of the above

1] Canada - FLQ Crisis 1970
2] Canada in 1993 - Somalia/The US in 2003 - Iraq
3] Canada - the extermination of the Beothuks of Newfoundland
4] Canada responded in WWI and WWII while the US sat back before entering years later.
5] Well, duh!.. all of the above
6] Depends on where you stand...

Anyone from the USA looking for some prime real estate near Atiwapuskat?

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