American Idol 2013

Yes, I admit, I watch it when the Mad Scary one has it on, and I quite enjoy the first few weeks of losers and no-hopers and the last few when the (mainly) genuinely good ones are left.

This year though, I watch it through gritted teeth whilst fantasising about smashing Nicki Minaj's face in with a burning, barbed wire-wrapped cricket bat.

What a vacuous, self-obsessed bitch. I doubt she ever has a thought other than 'me me me me me".

Oh yes - and that nasaly, whiny fucking voice.

And breath.
I just want to know what it looks like naked.
That's one of those things you really, really want to see but you know deep down that once you see it, you'll want to unsee it.

Like watching a kangaroo die from a massive anal prolapse.
Well i didnt know who she was so had a google and what is it these days that girls seem to want an unproportionality large arse wouldnt touch her with JArods

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