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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. Got to love the Land of Bush.. their dollar is sinking faster than a screen doored submarine.. the Euro is climbing all over the value of the Greenback, Canada's dollar is at $ 1.10 US a fab figure not seen in 30+years.. and, oil at the barrel is skimming $ 100 and reserves for the winter look ' reduced', Gold is almost $ 1000 an ounce...

    yet.. the Americans are going along as if nothing is bothering them

    to wit..

    You can pick up in New York a bagel, topped with white-truffle cream cheese and goji-berry-infused Reisling jelly with golden leaves - price $ 1000

    or An ice cream sundae topped with 23-karat edible gold leaf - price $ 1000

    or pizza topped with six kinds of caviar and lobster - price $ 1000

    did I hear someone mention ' decline and fall of empires' ?

    time to switch my portfolio to yen? dinars? kowry shells?
  2. What next? Is the Chimp taking violin lessons?
  3. Is this not septic stupidity?
  4. Funny that, I did an essay two years ago comparing the USA to the Roman Empire.
  5. As I am living in the US at the moment I would question your usage of the 2 words American and Humour (or, as its known here humor) together in the same sentence, or title. Believ me they do not co-exist very well at all. Thats why I find this site to be an oasys in a desert they call Cincinnati. P.S yes you do know things are bad over here when the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US and our Canadian brothers travel into the US to purchase there goods
  6. I'm hoping it was an English essay, showing your ability to satirise?

    "American is the only county to go from barbarism to decadence without civilisation inbetween" ~ Oscar Wilde
  7. How can they not have a sense of humour?

    They have a strategically shaved chimp as President
    and the Terminator as governor of California.

    now that's comedy!
  8. And it's a well known fact that they can not spell.
  9. I was thinking exactly the same, great minds and all that M-S :D :D
  10. I agree, the amount of times I have had reports knocked back to me for apparantly misspelling, when in fact, I am using the Queens English, can be somewhat irritating. As for Bush and Schwarzeneger, to an outsider it must appear funny, however, you should see what it has done to the country, not a pretty sight, but at least I missed out on labour being in power back home :)
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Erm, tricky one this. My economics is not brilliant, but weak dollar = everyone buying American products = lot's of money in America, albeit in dollars = chance of speptics making intelligent decision to raise value of said dollar = lots of our money in America, in a currency that increases in value = America got more money again.

    If I had the money, I'd be tempted to hedge my bets, and buy some dollars in a little while.

    Opposite end of the spectrum - stirling strong = less people buying British goods = more British money leaving the economy = poorer UK = devaluation = less money etc etc etc.
  12. Well said Biped. Was in the US years ago when it was $2 to the £ and it was a buying fest for Mrs Jack! Think bigger such as institutions, finance houses etc and its a good time to buy everything yank (apart from bloody Prince albums!) for future consumption.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    with the script writers on strike there wont be any american attempts at humour for a long time. Last strike lasted about 4 months I think. They'll be heading north for membership of Possum Lodge!
  14. Got to admit there is a downside to this money thingy.. ' offshore' Hollywood productions that filmed in Canada because of our cheap dollar, thus rendering Canajan cities subsitutes for real American ones, are fleeing back to Hollywood leaving the local actors and crafts people impoverished and on the dole...

    Local car dealers are squealing like stuck pigs as Canuckis flock across the border to buy the same make and model of $ 8000-10000 cheaper than local lots...

    and kid laden families and seniors seeking sun/fun are dropping bags of loot in Florida at resorts and Disney theme parks sucking thousands out of the economy and filling American banks with, now, high value coloured money from Canada..

    well, at least the Americans can get used to piccies of HM the Queen on bills spent at Burger King...

    still, you won't find me dropping a grand for a frickin' bagel...