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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by ordinaryforces, Oct 28, 2011.

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  1. Has anybody got into watching this?
    have the yanks ever made a decent car?
    Fucks sake coddingtons still working with sixties technology ...all the so called new engines are all still using carburretors and points ,and they keep on about chevvy big block engines, which even though they are massive still probably put out the same bhp as a vauxhall corsa,
    also his workforce have a great modern garage with all the gear but all they do is bitch and quit.

    and how the **** are they called renovations....when its finished there's not an original part on them.. they're new cars ffs.
  2. I watched it and American Chopper for a while but like you got sick of those lamebrains arguing and shouting all the time. Usual Reality TV crap.
  3. These programmes get me, if I was spending £100k+ on a car I'd want profesional artisans loveingly grafting on the car spending their time perfedting every detail and taking time striding to perfection, NOT arguing the toss with their boss or doing a half arsed job because they want to get most time "on camera"! How the **** they're still in business is a testament to how daft their customers are.
    Yank cars are truly an abbomination, they handle like sailing ships, I can't speak for the bikes but apart from the engine noise they're awful.
    The only ones that have come accross as half decent craftsmen are the Mexican/Hispanic interior makers, Artians for the most part.
  4. agree with your point about the mex upholsterers a joy to watch skilled men.
    on the other hand I really worry about the welding standards on those cars.
  5. Agree wholeheartedley a joy to watch skilled craftsmen, however the programme would only appeal to a few if they just focused on the manufacturing, so they need an "angle" apparantley! The main one seems to focus on Deadlines and how they need to rush the job, again as I said before for the money that's paid I'd be fucked if I want a friday afternoon "BMC special"!
  6. I've watched American Hotrods, as I've an interest in the cars. I've owned a couple over the years.

    I personally don't like the way BC works, and a few of his machines are terrible. That said, some of them are quite well put together.

    I'd rather build my own though, at least you know what you're getting.
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  7. As pretty as some of them look.....I bet they have the same road handling as a upright piano?
  8. Makes Ford Capris cornering abilities seem like an F1 Ferrari.
  9. You DO know that Boyd Coddington is dead, right? :? He died nearly four years ago. His show isn't carried on my cable system but that's OK as I thought he was an ass and his hot rods were pretty pedestrian.
  10. As a matter of fact I didn't! but I have since googled it and its seems it all went tits up after he died.
    But still it's nice to get an american viewpoint,
    Dwayne came across as a bit of a twat.
  11. The family that were Orange County Choppers on American Chopper has all split up now and are suing eachother over aall sorts.

    Before he died BC was in serious legal trouble regarding some kind of fiddle regarding the age of the cars to get around emission rules.

    Take a 57 chevvy, give it a completely new body, chassis, engine and everything else but still register it as a fifty year old vehicle for rule exemptions.

    He was in deep shit at the time of his death.
  12. That so called "foreman" who worked there was a total ******. If he spoke to me the way he spoke to the blokes working there I'd have kicked his head in.
    How did Coddington die?

  13. That crowd at OCC deserved it ..Paul snr and jnr utter twats.
    Jeez I must lose these sad TV habits of mine.
  14. This is all from memory, but I think BC was a long term diabetic who died following surgery for some kind of kidney/liver type thing.

    To be fair to him his main thing was wheels and he invented a way of making custom ones out of solid billets of ally which changed the industry in that regard.

    I watched the BC and OCC stuff a few years ago when it was fairly new on Sky, pretty much back to back when I was house sitting for a mate who was the only person I knew with a dish.

    Myself and his Rottweiller were glued to it. With the OCC you could see that as the money and fame kicked in the old man consumed more and more steroids and his lad hit the old Peruvian marching powder. It's quite obvious once you twig what is happening.

    It'll be all over Google if anyone is interested.