American gyms

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rowums, Nov 16, 2005.

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  1. Was just watching Tv and a stunning statistic was just revealed.
    America has more gyms per gapita than any other country.

    The irony :roll:
  2. pitty no one in america knows how to use one, eh? ;)
  3. Not entirely true. In my native city, the gym is considered a sacrament.

    On the other hand, dinner would be a slice of lean turkey and an asparagus stalk....and rum-and-diet-coke is considered an acceptable man's drink. :roll:
  4. They do , but it ain't white people or coloured women :)
  5. God almighty. I thought religion was fecked up in the US of A, but thats taking it too far!

    Imagine: Lyra clad vicar, at the head of the congregation calling
    'Lift those legs, one-two one-two FEEEL THE BURN! THATs the LORD SPEAKING to YOUR BODY! HAEELJULA!'

    And diet coke and rum?

    No wonder you were warned off drinking....

    (edited to wonder when the lycra cald vicars make an appearence at your average church of england)
  6. Bill Bryson commented that people pay $1000 a year to be a member of a gym, they leave their house, spend 15 mins in an air conditioned car to drive to the gym, get out, and spend 30 mins on a treadmill/walking machine, just to get in their cars and drive home. He said he'd personally prefer to walk somewhere for 30 mins each day and save $1000.
  7. Again, I admit Mr. Bryson is correct. My gym was a ten-minute car ride away back in L.A., which makes it, what, a 30-minute bike ride? Did I ride my bike, or walk it? Did I fcuk.

    This could explain the Pony-Express sized saddlebags on my a$$ that just wouldn't go away, of course. :oops: