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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by heard_it_all_before, Feb 24, 2012.

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  1. Meet the Family Pictures : American Guns : Discovery Channel

    Shite program so I've edited the only two bits that are worth watching..

    One being the Mum and the other being the Daughter. Mother has fake tit's but nonetheless, I'd still chuck my man fat all over her..! As for the daughter, well, I'd suck the piss from her flaps and the shite from her arrse!

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  2. 4 bits... 2 bits on each, surely?
  3. I'd have to agree with you that the show sucks.
  4. Apart from the whorish daughter, the show is dog wank.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Watched it the other day...daughter can't shoot for she bangs like a barn door in a force ten gale tho....Ma looks like a plastic Barbie but I wouldn't turf either one out of my pit,I ain't fussy....
  6. I reckon that Mum had the norks done so as to get the ratings up by increasing the "Letch" value.
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  7. There is a Least worst one that's just finished on Disco channel, daughter would get it also!!
  8. Is that the "Sons of Guns" show? I prefer that one but the daughter does my swede in on that. She thinks she is nice but looks like a fire damaged Lego brick.
  9. I quite like the show, I think it should be called "Pimp my Gat!" The show is proof of the shit in shit out theory, take some shit old gat, hand it to a room full of halfwitted monkeys for a week, then try and find some idiot who'll buy the now ruined shit gat. That's where American small town genetics works for them, no shortage gun happy fuckwits there. Daisy Duke and her daughter would get it though, when did she marry Cletus?
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  10. That's the one, the supressed shot gun was Intresting!
  11. I'd smash fuckery out of her.
  12. C-I am a bit shocked to see that someone as apparently erudite and worldly as you would stoop to watch inane American "reality" shows. Next you will say you also follow the various iterations of Real Housewives of ....
  13. TM:

    I have one of the suppressors for my Saiga SA 12 gauge from Red Jacket Firearms (RTS-ZK-S/S-12 ) and it does a relatively good job of sound reduction given the bore size that necessarily challenges the capabilities of any suppressor.