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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by foodie, Mar 15, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else been watching this?

    Essentially its a family run gun shop on steroids!

    Dad owns the place and is a lunatic that wants to build/buy and shoot anything and everything - walks round all day with a colt .45 on his hip!
    Wife runs the books and is a dab hand at selling and shooting things!
    Son does the custom engraving and is being set up to take over.
    Smoking Hot daughter just wonders around looking pretty (But Dumb)

    They have their own helicopter (or liberal access to a private one) and make custome stuff. Last night was a hand cannon and a collection of 42 Semi-autos including a Barret .50 and copious AR15's.

    Worth a look as its reasonably good TV on a Wednesday Night. 10pm Discovery Channel.
  2. Its a good programme, a little gunho at point (pun intended)

    They're not all there

    It is interesting and they have some odd ideas, the other night they were customising a hunting rifle for a "Vet" a young lad who'd been hit in an IED strike in IRAK.

    Interesting concept involving reducing the trigger pull and also modifying the cocking handle due to the limited strengh in his right hand.

    However I thought they missed the obvious design for this poor chap and use a straight pull instead of having to mess around moding the cocking handle.

    Oh and the daughter also walks around with a pistol strapped to her hot pants.

    1 hour wait for a security check for a 50cal, what a world they live in :)
  3. over-hyped drivil.....
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  4. Yes, but it's a WHOLE hour, y'know.

    It's not like they can just walk right in and then straight out again, is it? [sarcasm off]

    Where we live for some of the year in Oregon the local big dealer [used to be Sportsman's Warehouse] used to have a real laff about the lax laws in some states, claiming that Oregon REALLY ties you down with fed-type paperwork. In spite of that, all you need is two pieces of plastic to buy a firearm of any kind -

    1. Your state driving licence.

    2. Your Mastercard.

    3. After a phone call - you pay - to show a clear from warrant/felony etc - only THEN can you walk out of the door.....

    Jeez, it's hard to be an Oregonian in search of a gun.

  5. you can walk into a brit gunshop, buy a .50, or anything else, including AR's, and walk right out with it, no 1 hour wait at all. (as long as you have a FAC with a slot on it ^_~ ). so the point is?

    its easier to get a FAC in the UK than it is to get a drivers licence in most states of the us.
    as long as your not a crim, certified loon, or if any club you try to join ends-up thinking your a wierd cnut

    ffs, get of your butts, join a club and get FAC'd-up.
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  6. i was watching them and because i could not wait till the next episode i watched them all here :) another gun show similar is sons of guns, not as good because the owner of the store is a kn*b! but interesting. they silenced a barretta .50 cal on the last episode. worked very well, from 138dB to 117 dB

  7. Sound advice.

    Stop watching our septic chums on the telly and get out shooting.
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  8. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    My son has been waiting since last July.... LH rifle is bought and paid for at York Guns since last August....he had to use RH estate rifles all winter.
    No reasons, just excuses about manpower - currently with the police complaints people....who promise to get back with 2 weeks......been 3 now....
    All done following the best BASC advice.
  9. Different show. Sons of Guns is the Red Jacket show with the workers all tatted up like Maoris and all the trailer park drama
    Sons of Guns : Discovery Channel

    American Guns is more stable if that word can be used.
    American Guns : Discovery Channel
  10. Dr S. just too bad that you can buy so very little on an FAC. Half of what I have is just not available to law abiding citizens in England, or Scotland.
  11. The gun stores out in septic land have to be seen to be believed. Saw this in Boise Idaho right next to the part of the store marked "Youth Section"


    That scope is so dinky!
  12. I'd smash the bosses daughter off sons of guns.
  13. If this pic doesn't make you want to watch this....

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  14. or even the tasty milf on display...

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