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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Mar 12, 2005.

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  1. See a thread about numnuls and the [mis]handling of firearms.. This story brings up a thousand questions and stuns the regular folk..

    Brian Nichols was being taken into court for a trial appearance on charges of rape, sodomy, burglary, and false imprisonment..He was accused of breaking in to his ex-girlfriend's apartment, binding her with duct tape, sexually assaulting her over three days..he had prepared for this little exercise by bringing food and a loaded machine gun along...

    as he was being brought into the courthouse by a lone female deputy [ no handcuffs.. as bringing prisoners into open court in ' chains' tends to unduly influence the jury when they see this, thus possibly prejudicing the defendant's case to a free and fair trial.. etc. etc..], he overpowerd the cop, stole her gun, shot her full in the face, then proceeded to blast the judge and a court clerk.. as he ran from the court he shot and killed a second deputy and then pistol whipped a reporter and stole his car making good his getaway...

    Few leads on his whereabouts so far though local, state and federal agencies are on full alert/search mode as they say...
    love his lawyer.. who stated that Mr. Nichols was probably motivated by his concern that after residing in jail for the past six months he would be facing a life inprisonment verdict if convicted.." Mr. Nichols, like most of us, values his freedom. "...[ yuh, think? ]..

    Hope he enjoys his time in the open air, because as a ' known felon, armed and dangerous ' I expect that the cops, having lost two of their own to his 'actions' will be more inclined to shoot rather than ' place him in custody ' again..

    This took place in Atlanta, just in case you're planning a visit...
  2. Hasn't he been caught now?
  3. indeed , should have been shot "while escaping"
    he should fry on the chair.
    what a t1t, he could have got only maybe 10-15 years and be out on the original charges , now he has added murder to it, he should fry
  4. fcuking hell! 8O
  5. I understand the bit about not handcuffing the defendant as it might be predjudicial - I've often seen American court pictures with the defendant bound hand and foot in orange overalls etc. and wondered how it affected the jury. However as this was obviously a dangerous man, likely to abscond why only one escort? I can't help thinking that in Britain with unarmed escorts this would not have happened, perhaps the ubiquity of guns in America makes them blase or somehow unable to consider eventualities like this.
  6. Why was a lone, female, officer escorting a well built male? Why was said officer armed when escorting said male, who apparently was subdue enough not to warrant restraints?
  7. Probably because American police find the idea of not carrying a gun unthinkable, even when it might not be a good idea?
  8. Perhaps if more had been bearing arms the perpetrator wouldn't have got past 'Go!'
    I can't remember if Wisconsin operates a CCL but it doesn't spring to mind as a properly progressive state.
  9. Thats why I carry. :wink:
  10. You don't hear much about the attempted spree-killings that are stopped by CCW holders - it's not newsworthy. Many of the campus shootings were stopped by armed students/staff, but the majority of the news stories tend to just mention that someone "tackled" the perp, if they mention at all how it ended.

    Have you also noticed that a lot of the reported spree-killings happen in gun-free zones? E.g. schools, workplaces with "no guns" policies
  11. Let's face it; if it gets stopped before it begins, it isn't a spree shooting any more, is it?

    But, of course, the antis, like Gun Control Network, don't want to recognise that fact.

    If someone wants go banzai, he or she* will do it, guns or no guns; it then remains for someone to stop them. Chances are that CCL prevent far more incidents than are ever reported.

    *For those who believe that the 'spree shooting' syndrome is particularly a male thing, just recall the song 'I Don't Like Mondays'. That was based on an incident involving a teenaged girl who got bored with school and decided to shoot up the town with her daddy's rifle; killed quite a few, before she ran out of ammo.
  12. I'm willing to admit that in such a gun-saturated culture as America it's probably easier and more effective to allow everyone the opportunity to carry than to try to reduce the amount of gun carrying to UK levels. However the original courtroom example is one where I would suggest that carrying a gun was less than sensible and gave the criminal a weapon that he did not have before.