American goes down!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wHoSaIdThAt?, May 19, 2004.

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  1. don't care!

  2. the CIA will sort it out?

  3. too easy?

  4. too harsh?

  1. Dozy pillock and his mates deserve everything they get for dropping the rest of the guys out there even further into the brown smelly stuff. They should be stamping all over the intelligence REMFs as well for telling them it was OK! :evil:
  2. I think that the US is going to sh*t all over the men at the bottom in attempt to use them as scapegoats for a policy of intimidation of prisoners in order to get them to talk.

    This goes all the way to the top.
  3. the Brass is taking out the weakest link.

    .how far up the chain they'll go is another matter..certainly won't reach to the Rumsfeld office..

    anyone seen a photo of the soldier's parents.. hate to say it but they just re-inforce the stereotype of rural Uhmurrica.. right out of Woodstock by way of the Ozarks..

    kind of speaks to the type of American that the military attracts at one level -certainly not the image in the TV recruiting ads..

    try this link:

    can't wait to see what they do to preggers Lynndie and her ' beau '...
  4. So sorry... caffeine shakes.. link should read " BNStory..."

    before International...

    time lags and not enough single malt in the decaf...
  5. And is now merely sinking lower in to the vomit, p*ss and excrement of its own doin's.
  6. on the subject of the sentence (sorry if its already on another thread) i think 12 months in jail is harsh. Everything else... fair enough.
    The prats who ordered the treatment though - they can go to jail for ever.
  7. Just had a look at the photo of the guys parents - good god! Now i can see a connection between the iraq torture photos and THAT scene in Deliverance (squeal piggy! etc.) 'Uuhhhmerica' indeed!
  8. Awards and kudos for the underlings for pratees for following orders (except for the ones that enjoyed carrying them out). Concur on eternal damnation for the prats.