American Gladiators.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Trip_Wire, Jun 12, 2006.

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  1. Trip_Wire

    Trip_Wire RIP

  2. Lots of thumbs up; their arrse. There appears to be an awful lot of children involved.
  3. What's with the piccy of the Israeli tom halfway through though?[/nitpick]
  4. yeah I spotted that, also notice the token brit at the beginning
  5. That one of the israelli was mislabled as an american soldier on some website awhile ago, and has been used as an american in countless "montages" and "tributes". What bugs me is that these photos are very powerful, and have been recycled and cheapened by being used like this countless times (I've seen alot of those 100+ times). The just slap together a montage with as many google photos as they can find. Actually, at least one of those looks like it got snatched from the organization I worked with on my charity project.
  6. Chief Joseph, I agree with you, the more times pics like that are used in cheap motages the less their value!
    And yes, inadvertant pic of 2 Brits at the begining and the isreali soldier and the kitten as well, so they did not check they were all yank mil pics.
  7. Genius - thought it was South Park and was in stitches when it wasn't...
  8. What about Condi in the Flight Deck helmet at the beginning? Has she been drafted into the US Navy on the grounds that she had her own oil tanker?

    Personally, if we're going along with the Gladiator theme, I'd rather have a montage of Jet wrapping her thighs rough some random contestant or beating some Doris over the head with a pugil stick.
  9. I suspect our entertainment industry has influenced the spawning of so many schlocky image fests. Hollywood understands the power of imagery and regularly overuses it.

    The Team America thingy was hilarious! :D
  10. Classic team america vid

    On the point of Gladiators, the UK version of Gladiators, what ever happend to the cute Jet Gladiator? She was the only decent cute one in the whole lot
  11. The Team America one is hillarious :lol:

    Here's an example of what I would consider a good montage . Partly because it's of my friends in Iraq last year, and the fact that they made it. Alot of care, thought, and emotion was put into it. It shows the story of actual people, rather than a patchwork of google searched images. Therefore it is better, and infinitely more meaningful

    Also, these three are good as well (ones I found, I don't know the authors in these cases) - This one uses a handful of seperately published photos, but uses them to great effect. - I'm sure most of you are familiar with this one :wink:
  12. All your answers can be found here: