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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by jon1467, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. I'm currently in the US and watching "football", so what's the arrse opinion on this peverted rugby. Utter dross or fantastic viewing?
  2. Another American sport which is comparable to watching paint dry. I reckon their adds are more exciting. What is it with yanks and boring sport. Don't they stop that game just to have an add break? Still, I'd hate to be hit by one of the behemoths. :D
  3. I asked a septic the other day why they called it "football" . He said that it was because they kicked the ball, thus it was called football!
    I then said to him only one person gets to kick the ball and he is called the kicker!!!!!!!! (what a job) anyway when i said that for 99% of the game they held the ball in their hands shouldnt it be called HAND BALL!
    He wasnt a thick septic and he actually agreed that it was stupid calling it football!
    Yet another thing the bods over the pond have taken from the Brits and screwed up and called their own!
  4. I wonder why they don't play rugby much? Sure, they do play it in USA but is is only as 'popular' as ice hockey or NFL over here. The USA is ranked 15th in the world in rugby.
  5. The trouble is that ever so slowly our own beloved rugby is being altered by the rule makers so that it is becoming more similar to American Football. Examples are:
    The number of substitutes trooping on and off the pitch (not yet at the ridiculous extreme of the Yanks where they change the whole effing team depending on whether you're in "offense" or "defense", or sending a kicker on specifically to kick a goal)
    The increasing ritualisation/formalisation of areas such as the tackle, ruck and maul, lineout etc
  6. its OK ish really. its nothing like rugby or proper football.
    its more like a very violent form of chess
    the attack sets up a move the defence try to counter it and get posession and then ..... they stop and do it all over again.
    the closest thing to it would be a game consisting of nothing but rugby line outs.
    its alright to watch for ten minutes with a beer or seven but after that....
    well i suppose its better than cricket
  7. My wife is an American and loves ice hockey she was very disapointed to find the Stanley Cup was first introduced into the sport by a guy from Preston oh how I laughed
  8. Back in 1863 some chaps who had formed football clubs after playing some sort of game at school and college now that railways made travel far easier thought to have a common set of rules to have fixtures. They did not bother to ask any of the villagers and common townies with all their rough and ready versions because their vision was limited, these were to be games amongst themselves.

    The first meeting produced a set of rules that mixed the handling and foot versions, and banned hacking. The handling chaps did not like it, so the remaining ones went for a foot based game that spread rapidly. A decade later the handling lot created common rules for Rugby. A decade after that the Irish Nationalists created a "unique" Irish code that was almost the same as the original 1863 one. Then the crafty Scots stopped milling about and began passing the ball around and running into space making the whole thing more watchable.

    By the 1890's it was the Rugby type that had become more established in the USA colleges. But then the American Army got their hands on it. the rest is hysterical as they say.
  9. My wife is American too and dislikes pretty much all sport 8)

    What I don't understand is that in all US sports when they win a trophy they are 'world' champions. How does that work? Only 1 country is involved. Sometimes 2 with Canada.