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Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by intergeri, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know any sites online where I can watch the new American Football season. Preferably a reliable site (not Justin tv), someone told me the armed forces have a site that shows sport but not sure if that's fact or not. I'm not bothered what language the commentary is in,
  2. I believe the NFL has a package that allows you to d/l and watch games. Needless to say you have to pay for it.
  3. Any free sites? If I need to pay for it I'm just as well paying Sky, thanks though.
  4. American Football?????

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  5. The differances between Football and Gridiron are subtle...

    Football: played by two teams of 11 "men". If you consider a bunch of over-paid, pencil-necked, arrogant POOFS who fall like plates whenever an opposing "player" brushes past them to be men. :roll:

    Gridiron: leagilsed gang warfare. Big team, bigger men and even bigger shoulder pads. Insane levels of testosterone and steroid-fuelled violance(more people are killed in Gridiron than the UFC! 8O ). The second most Nails team sport(after Rugby, of course :wink: ).
  6. We should have an ARRSE tour to the US to watch their Army V Navy game.

    Guaranteed we'd be the drunkest there, bearing in mind a game lasts about 3 hours minimum and I haven't remembered a 2nd half of the Army v Navy Rugby game in years.
  7. Go Army - beat Navy! :D

    Easy for you to say, mate; you'll be next door compared to the rest of us! :lol:
  8. In answer to the original question, NFL gamepass is the thing you're looking for. Its actually very high quality so its worth the money.

    Anyone else going to the Pats vs. Buccaneers game in london?
  9. Cheers, I'll check that out. My son is a Buccs fan so I'm tempted to take him.
  10. My condolences to your son.

    Tickets went extaordinarily quickly, but there will be plenty on ebay.
  11. If I get a weekend off then I'll be there like a shot.