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American Facebook Walt

This Piece of trash is trying to chat up a Female friend of mine in the UK.

Danny Delvito Colonel | Facebook

Bear in mind that the photo is of Col. James H. Coffman Jr. who is indeed a bit of a Hero and was senior adviser to 1st Iraqi Special Police Commando

Though the Dingbat in question is pretending to be 82nd Airborne he didn't include "Airborne" in the title which started the old alarm bells ringing, then I took a closer look at the photo, and here I am!
senior adviser to 1st Iraqui Special Police Commando

Is that anywhere near planet earth? if it's not, you have to go through the Intergalactic Walten Kommando, IWK.
Ah, the Spelling Wachtsturmbanne are out early this morning......still, It doesn't help all that much does it?
Been done...sorted, why the fcuk I bothered in the first place is beyond me, probably sleep deprivation and a little to much concern for my own good....
Unusually I had a look at this Walt thread and went onto the Facebook link . What intrigued me about its contents was the list of favourite books which inckude “ 49 Steps “ . Now I have read “ The 39 Steps “ so decided to see if he had just added another ten steps to impress and it would appear he could well have done this . A search for “ 49 Steps “ reveals a book all about Personal Development with the following quote from the author ….

This world is not made from atoms; it is built with stories .
I write here that detection of an individual's fundamental purpose, or story, is the only valid aim we should have in mind when dealing with personal development. This book is easy to read, yet contains effective insights, using stories and facts interwoven together.

My Bold

The way I read that is … how to succeed in life by creating an image based on fact and fiction …. In other words one of his favourite books could be re-titled “ How to Succeed as a Walt “ … bit of a giveaway to me .

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