American english is a "mongrel bitch"

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by POGscribbler, Jul 26, 2011.

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  1. I hate

    "Lets do lunch", whats wrong with lets go for lunch
    "I'm done" or "are we done" etc...whats wrong with I'm finished or are we finished etc
    Starting sentences such as "So, I was walking" "So, I saw"...why the fuck do you need to put "So" in front of anything!?
    Talk to the hand

    Feck, there are so many its untrue!
  2. 'Feck', what a stupid word why not just the actual word it replaces? Everybody knows what the FUCK's meant anyway.

    Oh wait, that's not a stupid Americanism. My bad.
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  3. Nothing in American is anywhere near as annoying as that bloody stupid rising inflection thing turning the last word of sentence into a question which I'm sure is the Aussies' fault.

    'I'm going to uni?' - 'I'm driving a car?' - 'We went on the train?' etc etc etc

    As if you don't know what a university, a car or a train is. Cunts!
  4. I hate "fail", as in bike fail or rifle fail.

    Surely that should be a bike crash or an ND, not a fail.

    Even failed would be better than fail.
  5. Yes they only added that to Father Ted for the export version.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I know what you mean but they often sound cooler than we do and they are not by the longest chalk the worst to listen too. Brummies, scousers and some Irish accents make my skin crawl. Probably not their fault but...
  7. Holy shit. Why is it holy? It's fucking shit!!

    The way they say Oh My God! at any given moment for something as boring as a cat just crossed the road......
  8. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    Actually that started as a 'Valley Girl' mannerism in the late 1970's used by Frank Zappa's progeny (Moon Unit?) and others of that social set. It was popularised in the early to mid 1980's by a series of Brat Pack teen films and became the universal dialect on American campuses by the start of the 1990's. It went global in that decade due to the nefarious ubiquity of TV shows like 'Friends'.

    Then again, British teenagers have been mis-pronouncing Lieutenant since WW2 thanks to American war films and cop shows.
  9. It really pisses me off when they can't say the word "asked" and use the work "axe" instead.....

    "I axed you"!!! I would take this as a confession of murder or at least assault with a deadly weapon!
  10. According to some sources* American English is the purer of the two as it uses words and constructs nearer to the original 16/17th century English that we both used at one point.

    Brit English has changed a lot more than US English and is therefore the mongrol.

    *admittedily these sources are mostly spams but still.
  11. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Listen Up you ladies... Doh!

    I'll get my Stetson.
  12. I generally prefer the way Septics talk, at least the older ones, direct and simple with a touch of KJV. The English tendency is to evasion and these days tend to grunt "innit" as punctuation. The yoofspeak is no better on either side of the atlantic. "Laters" for feckssake.

    I notice a difference with non-English speakers and comprehension. Americans are much better at making themselves understood. I had a Yorkshireman boss once, notable for his eloquence and nuanced indirection but trouble was half the room had no idea what he was banging on about, the Yanks had to strip it down to plain sentences.

    But time wasting like "I can speak to that" does get on my nipple ends.
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  13. I read similar, it was all to do with Englishmen wanting to be more French and so the spelling changed to what they thought was fancier.

    The big Nancys.