American Empire


Rather die than swear allegiance to the Spam flag
i wouldn't be happy about UK being the 51st state

I would.  We could get away from those ungrateful Frogs, Arrogant Krauts and the host of other cowardly little gobshite nations which form Europe!  Let's do it. let's sign up now!
Ma ease off the Rootbeer and sasperelly.....

Put down yer hershey bar and read what you just wrote. :-/
Meant every word of it!  I'm sick to death of Europeans.  Full of Green Party activists and cowards.  Not to mention the French.
With Ma sonic on this one. May be its time the english speakers of the world gathered up any commonwealth countries that wanted to come and set out on our own again.

If we enter the euro our gold reserves are physically going to be moved to Frankfurt. Do you really want that? I would rather they were in Fort Knox. (But in truth I would prefer them to be in some quarry in wales)



War Hero
If we enter the euro our gold reserves are physically going to be moved to Frankfurt. Do you really want that? I would rather they were in Fort Knox.

This is true in case you missed it, you obviously did, but Brown has already converted our gold reserves into mainly Euros. We don't have any gold reserves to put into Frankfurt or Fort Knox, clever and prudent Gordon got rid of them all just before the stock market crash...which makes them worth a hell of a lot less now, but never least Blair can tell his kids he didn't have to lose his job!
What I am worried about is where is the cash physically sitting? I suppose Euro's may be in a computer some where but could a hostile EU seize alll our money?



If the "American Empire" theme galls a little, try Neo-British.  

After-all their expansion and hegemony of all corners, with its implied flattery of our own once great empire, is merely a natural progression from where we left off in our sad retreat after WW2.  

All we need to do to bring it full-circle and bring out the old geography books is invade France and get Blair into the Whitehouse!

The point of my post was more than tongue in cheek.  The American Empire is already upon us.  LIke it or not.  The more Blighty can partner with Uncle Sam the better for all.

1.  They are the only super power (new name for Empire)
2.  Their 3 week invasion of a country the size of California shows there is no one in the NEAR future who can stand up to them.  Maybe China in a few years, but not yet.
3.  They have reinvented warfare to such a point that it is now a case of "Rule America, America rules the waves, ground, sky, space"
4.  They are ever so slightly miffed about Sept 11 and will do anything they want with or without the rest of the world because of points 1-3.  
5.  Item 4 will mean leaving puppet governments in places that have been invaded much like Queen Vic and her predecessors.

It sounds like you don't agree with the above, can you be more specific?
I hate to say it but I agree with the above. Don't like it mind. Difference is, we did our bit to convert the globe to pink about 100 years ago. Didn't work. I'll not duplicate my post from the int cell but it's been done before by just about every nation. Look at Greece and Egypt (and us now). I sit patiently waiting for the day the septics lose the plot and have nothing more than tourism as their main income. They are like the school bully who is popular purely for the fact that they can have everybody in the playground. Smarmy tw ats! Communism had its plus points!
Not jealous, just a bit concerned that a country can elect a freaking actor as pres and a slack jawed yokle called Cleatus (Dubya). And they think its a god given right to carry a firearm regarless of the gene pool. (Point of history. The act that brought about the constitutional right to bear arms was signed at a time when the country was ruled by Billy the freaking kid and the indiginous popultion was a bit peed off by being sterotyped in future John Wayne (why was he never pres?) films). Clearly relevent to the environment of todays climate. At least they are only topping themselves!