American Elections?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by George_Boots, Nov 4, 2008.

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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold the phone. Apparently there are some sort of Presidential elections going on America?

    You'd have thought Sky Fookin News would have had something on about it wouldn't you?
  2. Hardly any mention of it anywhere, first I heard was when you mentioned it. Are you sure? I'm positive the press would have banged on and on about it for the last year.

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  3. You two are obviously not watching the TV its all over it, honestly its on like every channel. nutters!
  4. I heard elections were big in Japan at the moment.

    Edited to add I tend to keep my coat on in this weather.
  5. Somewhere in the Americas I believe - Canada perhaps?
  6. Nowt about it on ceebeebies. cbbc, fox kid or Disney.........You big fibber.
  7. Wife says nothing about it on QVC either/
  8. I'm in Italy, I only get BFBS!

    Ha I win.
  9. Not that I've heard.... :p

    But if there was I'm sure great institutions like the BBC would present a fair balanced view of both candidates and not just devote all air time to the liberal lefty 'effnic' one - my god no, harrumph
  10. America? Where's that then? Is it near Washington in the Midlands? Didn't we do local elections a while ago?
  11. Apparantly we have colonised a continent called the 'New World' although what they are electing to do God only knows.
  12. Geographically-challenged is what you are. Washington (pron. Weshint'n)
    is in the NE just doon from The Toon and just up from Durham.
    We expelled a few ne'er-do-wells from there a couple of hundred years back to some colony or other where they kicked up a bit of a fuss so we had to go and burn their house to show them who was boss.
    Been a bit quiet since then as we haven't had to burn anything else. Why are they doing something?
  13. I'm in shock Alf. A New Continent, you say? The television is failing everyone when it comes to information these days. And they are actually having an election? I can only suppose it is due to the hard work of our missionaries. Knowing native culture a bit from my days in Africa, I can only hope they won't turn it into some sort of street theatre. Surely not.
  14. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Does their Brittanic Majesty know the dizzy goats are running around electing things? They asked Queen Victoria which side of the road they should drive on and she replied "Please yourselves".

    Look how that worked out.
  15. There is no danger at all of it degenerating into an uncontrolled farce; I can assure you of that. I mean, a country that has evolved as an entirely democratic state would not let that happen would it? I predict that this 'New World' will hold true and proper elections that are not open to abuse by the wealthy effectively buying favours by donating immense sums to the candidates to use as publicity - perhaps this lack of funding is why the television broadcasters have largely ignored the elections.