American drops 8 sprogs

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Father_Famine, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Now I would say that was careless whichever way you drop them.

    Eight FFS, I hope they get a truck load of nappies as a freebie cos thats going to be one 'ell of a screaming sh1t machine.

    maybe they'll sell a couple off to less fortunate couples save all that hard work with the Turkey baster
  2. Insure for large families? When do you take this out, after you get tied up? When you decide to start a family? When you forget to put the condom on? Coz I'm sure it'll be too late once the predictor has turned BLue.

    Good Luck to them if they have, that'll be another Insurance Company going to the Wall then
  3. What are the chances of one of them being christened Obama? :wink:
  4. And she wants to breast feed the lot of them?????????????? Her Nipples will be so stretched and long :)

  5. Do you mean let the McCaans take a couple on holiday.
  6. I bet dropping 8 in a row smarted a bit!!!!

    They will get all the help in the world through sponsorship from baby products and appearances on TV shows, I once watched that film about sextuplets (cant remember what it was called) and the families lives became a media frenzy, was akin to a freak show.

    Thats gonna be one hell of a lot of shit and puke for the next few years. I bet her legs will be staying shut for a while.
  7. Woody Alan might be interested, current poke must be getting a bit old.
  8. And I thought octuplets had tentacles!

    Her old man must have had nadds like Cliff Richard's space hopper.

    Was he perchance just back from somewhere sandy?
  9. I heard that they've just named them:

    5 platoon, 10th Bn, USMC Base Pendleton

    "We think these names reflect the hope they aspire in today's troubled world" Said the proud parents Mr & Mrs Geobbels-Swartzenburger-Redneck