American comedian:"australians are just english rednecks!"

Discussion in 'Australia' started by trackbasher, Apr 2, 2010.

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  1. Only in Queensland . . .
  2. Or Tasmania.
  3. Lets have a look a that in more detail:

    The drive pickups - utes, check
    They drink small beers - stubbies, check
    They find females complicated - sheilas, check
    They have relatives in prison - That'll be where the family tree started, check

    No so much a joke as statement of fact.
  4. Apparently that Alpha male and all round Nerd Kev the PM got the hump with what Williams said and angrily phoned up a radio talk show about it. God, I love tough politicians.
  5. I thought Williams' take on Australia was hilarious. Can't understand why Kev and a few other 'shock jocks' on radio had a hissy fit about it, and now the Govenator of Alabama :lol:

    Funniest thing I have heard in a long time :D
  6. That almost make sense: Alabama - Twinned with Australia, although I would have thought Arkansas was a slightly closer match by an extra chromosome or two.
  7. This is starting to sound like Deliverance :lol: Now where did I put that banjo of mine? :p
  8. What I really find ironic is I have stayed in barrack blocks older than the US.
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Indeed. I once had several beers with a US Marine officer who was moaning about the betrayal of Clayton Lonetree and kept saying it had ruined 212 years of Marine Corps history. My sympathetic reply was 'Gosh, that is old, nearly as old as my parents house...'

    I think it should be redneck Brits. Many Aussies I know are of celtic stock and would not wished to be thought of as English.
  10. It's all the Queen's land ;)
  11. That's alright. You have to consider the source of the crack which was Robin Williams who is a definite nutter, make no mistake. :omg: His frenetic style of comedy never did appeal to my taste.
    Mind you, there's something in what he says. Australia has the Bee Gees to answer for - a band who ushered in the horrifying period we now know as [shudder!] disco. :omfg:

  12. I always understood that the Gibb brothers who became the Bee Gees came from the Isle of Man and migrated to Australia in the 50s as ten pound migrants, then made most of their money on the records sold in the USA and the UK, and here just one person bought one, and everybody else copied it on their tape recorder.
  13. Ahhh yes but Oz did start off as a penal colony so that clearly explains the celtic thing and the inbreeding not to mention all those sheep.

    In fact with all those sheep in mind, it wasn't so much a penal colony than sex tourism for Jocks.
  14. I thought rednecks were called names like Jim-Bob and Billy-Bob whereas Aussies are called Wayne or Shane or even Bruce!