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I have heard from two separate sources  that when the Brits and Septic Tanks got together the GIs were issued with a card which said.......

Do not fight with, Drink with, Or gamble with a British Soldier.....because you will lose.

Has anyone else heard of this? Or is this bull sh1t?
No quite true, went on a snow queen in 1990 down in Garmisch the SPAMS had the cards.

I then LOST an arm wrestle to the worlds biggest Petrol Tank, but like a true squaddie I welched on the bet and didn't pay up ;D
apparently it all stemmed from the gulf,unfortunately i was stagging on in aldershot at the time .but later on, on ex purple star they were just "warned off" without the cards.however two of them did fall foul to myself and two friends who outdrank them and then watched them being arrested for drink driving, after a ten mile police following under blue lights.


It was way before the gulf, in '87 on REFORGER the yanks colocated with us were warned off, however when we saw the size of some of 'em, we did our best to be sociable :-/
I remember '86 WIWAG (when I was a grunt) we had a platoon of rather large Thomas the Tanks attached to Recce Pl for a month or so, all complete with large pickup truck. I was privvy to a set of QBO's from their young lewwtennant prior to departing on a social event down Johns Pub. Basically a verbal version of said card. We got into the usual Friday night international 'heated discussion' with the local turkish community and previously mentioned septics with their wide shoulders and narrow waists, fancy shoes and expensive aftershave ran a freeking mile. They had been larging it all night how they would 'sort out the Dago's as a few of them came from the badass side of NY! Glass jaws the lot of 'em! In their defence, the next day, they were all quite prepared to jump in their pickup and do a 'drive by' of the local Spick estate! (they had come somewhat tooled up!). They do talk a good scrap but when it boils down to it, IMHO, they think it's all a bit Hollywood, Western saloon malarkey.
When I was in Belize in 1984 the crew of the USS Nimitz visited and they had the cards issued. It was started by their MPs. Don't know where they got the idea though.

Red Ken


Saw it in Hong Kong in 1989, and again it was the crew of the Nimitz.

They took the warning very seriously and instead chose to fight, drink and gamble with the crew of an Australian ship in the harbour at the same time.  I think with hind-sight they rather wished that they'd taken their chances with the Brits!


My old man, ex RAF Regt, told me that whilst serving in Burma in 1944, the Yanks had similar cards(with good reason!)


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Apparently these cards were first issed during the Boxer rebellion by Charlton Heston

.......well it was getting progressively earlier.

(Ive been to Elevenerife)
It started in the USN as a result of us Brits visiting their bases and drinking them dry - we saw them in '79 in San Diego when I was stationed out there on my old sub HMS Churchill. And yes, we did drink them under the table in all the different mess decks (George Best was a visitor one night and obviously never looked back).

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

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I sent an email to a US MP Historian regarding these cards and asked him if they existed and where I could get a copy.......

He replied:

  I have never heard of those cards and hope they did not exist. I am the Army MP Historian and have no information on this. Sorry.

Dr. Ronald Craig

Looks like a case of denial on the part of the US Army!

Where can I get one of these cards??


Try to drink, gamble or fight with an American soldier? Then get one off their drunken/shirtless/battered person.


maybe just ask one.
Blood:  Good see another ex-matelot in the forum.  Do you wear green now?

At the risk of going slightly off the theme.  In 1979 I was in Naples with HMS Hermes (1,500 souls all up) when one of the US nuke Carriers (6 or 9,000+) arrived in the Bay of Naples.  I will not bore you with our drinking prowess (I think the Sceptics aim to see how fast they can get drunk while the Brits tend to see how much they can drink before getting blotto).

The difference in style was most obvious in the Shore Patrols.  The USN put at least three armed SP outside each bar (they were putting 2,000+ blokes ashore each night), whilst the RN had half a dozen "crushers" with a set of handcuffs between two and one short based LR.  On one occasion there was a confrontation of sorts, with a large number of bodies surrounding the aggressive group in the middle.  To the North there was a dozen or so US SP calling in for more support/ordnance/close-air-support etc.  To the South were two RN "crushers".  Whilst there was heated radio traffic on one side, the two Brits worked there way to the middle "excuse me, out of the way please etc" and separated the antagonists with a firm "STOP IT!".  After a short pause the antagonists decided to make friends and go back to the bar and the square cleared.  I am sure much to the disappointment of the baton wielding USN SP left standing around like spare parts.  


Reminds me of a time in Colarado as a guest of the US Army.  they invited the Sqn. to attempt to break the record for drinking a barrel of beer.  The record was 28 minutes, we did it in 8 minutes.  They of course complained that we cheated, they had used glasses, we used pitchers.
Another useless bit of information:

"If there is a hill which is always dark and silent at night, it will be occupied by the British and you should always choose to attack somewhere else."

Extract from a Chinese Communist battle instruction captured during the Korean War and read out in the House of Commons.  The Americans, who provided about 80% of the troops in Korea were not amused.
We had a US 101st Plt Sgt attached to our Battalion for a year, he said that he couldn't believe how much the blokes drank every night in town and still managed to get on with their jobs next morning. When he left the Battalion to go back to the good old US of A he said the first thing he was going to do was take his Plt on a massive p1ss up Then take em for a 10 miler next morning see how many of them made it round with him!! ;D


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Some years ago a brother officer went on Ex LONGLOOK (Australian Exchange).  The Bruce sent in return was your typical digger, nice bloke, but drinks a couple of cans at the most.

The mess was populated by a good, social and hard-drinking crowd.  Disaster.

I bumped into him at the HQ Mess some 4 months into his exchange.  He had been sent there to dry out.  The boys had resorted to tying him over a barrel and making him drink, as he was always a lightweight.   He requested that his exchange be cut short by 3 months.


I did a job for the Navy which involved 6 weeks on a nuclear sub (tell you about it another time).  We had a yank riding with us-after 5 days he plucked up the courage to ask the following questions

1.  What's a f@g and why do you never "go for a f@g"
2.  Whats a w@nker-some sort of compliment because every time someones name is mentioned somebody always says "I know him, he's a real W@nker"

God Bless 'em


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As we are all swinging the lantern I will take this opportunity to give it a couple of pushes myself...

Working with London OTC ( :-/ ) a few years ago I came across the annual ULOTC/USMC scrap.  ULOTC shared a local club (Los Locos) with the US Marines based in London to guard their Embassy.  This event was a game of two halves, the first being a rugby match and the second a running battle outside the above mentioned club.  All great fun as the Marines all punched in slow motion and punctuated the srap with cries of 'MAN DOWN' and 'MARINES! WE ARE LEAVING' (no, really!)

Always wanted one of those cards though...

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