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Hi all,

Recently I’ve found myself in a position where I will have the opportunity to move to America in the near future and I haven’t signed off yet so it’s still a year plus away.

I will be applying for a green card shortly and as my other half is an American citizen and I have no criminal convictions other than a drunk and disorderly on the spot this should all be fine.

Luckily my other half is in a position where she can earn a very good income stateside so I’m in the position where I can pursue anything I wish ( I will be getting my CCNA quals shortly so I’ve got a back up and have experience in this field.) however I enjoy the army and I would like to see what at least four years in their army would be like with the benefits such as the GI bill etc and this would speed up the citizenship process etc.

Does anyone have any prior experience of this or know of anyone that has done it? How did it go for yourselves or them etc?

There's a fair few jobs open to non-citizens in all three services, as I'm sure you've discovered.

I've spent extensive time in the United States and I couldn't think of anything worse than leaving the British Army and serving in the US forces. There is a huge trap we fall in to on both sides due to the common language, but there is a vast, vast cultural gulf.

Military specifically, I personally feel they don't treat their personnel particularly well and the ridiculous suicide rate is a partial testament to this. In addition, as highlighted above, Americans take their 'trade' or 'roles' in society quite seriously and their occupation tends to be a huge part of their identify - in the forces, they expect that to be your life.

As most serving blokes will know, when on a solid period of leave we tend not to shave, relax on the hair cuts a little etc etc. Americans can never get their head around that when I tell them I am still serving - that in itself concerns me.

I could say a lot more, the cultural differences interest me greatly. All of this said, they are a hugely hospitable nation... If you're in a good financial position, I'd recommend a move with the caveat of avoiding a military career!

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