American army ID cards?

Hi there my friend is currently based in germany and came back the other weekend. He told me that on the back of ALL amercian army ID cards it says " Do not gamble with the british, Do not drink with the british, Do not fight with the british, you will loose" has anyone seen or heard of this before? thanks
Not seen one, but it sounds like arrse to me.
Matt. Your friend is full of the proverbial bullsh1t. I am staring at the back of my ID card and it has my DOB, SSN, GCC and a huge bar code. Unless the message is encoded in the lines of the bar code I would suggest you give your mate a kick in the goolies and then go play with his Mum's naughty bits.

Hope this helps.
Sounds like arrse to me. Correct, but still arrse.
My brother keeps propagating this myth, as does a loggie I know...seems like sound advice for naive young spams who've never been out of Buttfcuk, Alabama before though...

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