American Air Strike Hits Us Army Position On Video


Book Reviewer
Some lucky people in that outpost. The follow on clip from the base lower down is just as scary.
Huffpo always gets its right. Who knew the US ARMY flew fixed wing bombers after 1947?

Now it could be the Pilot OR the person who called in the strike who made the mistake. I'd love to read the AAR on it.
Danger a bit too f kin close me thinks........

The soldier at the beginning of the clip has it about right when he says "**** me!" right after the Zoomie drops his 500 lb egg. I too would like to see the AAR to find out who is at fault; the Snuffy who called in the fire mission with faulty grid coordinates or the Zoomie who couldn't wait to get rid of his bomb? :? :-x:omfg:

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