American Afghan kit list

Do the yanks not have a baggage weight allowance then??? Seems an aweful lot to take to Afghan when all they seem to do is just dos around and get fatter, well the ones i seen last year anyway
Not a bad list how the fcuk yiu will ever carry it unless each yank gets hsi own C17 to fly him about. I would say a good supply of porn is essential even your fav stuff will get dull after a while. Magazines are the best and can be loaned out for haribo


The yanks get about 420lb wgt allowance that includes your body wgt (gen up). So the lighter you are the more kit you can take with you.
Err, okay. Hmm.

1. "Class VIII" - this seems to be medical stuff unless Google has horribly misled me.
3, 5. All good. All available at the PX. Buy in country, carry p0rn.
15, 16. As above.
18 - Well, dunno, COB (yes, okay, this is an Afghan list) ran out of shower gel recently ...
21 - Actually, this stuff is really, really good. First ran across it (ha, ha) at the Canadian shop down the road from BATUS. The blue container version is even better. But, yes, available from your PX.
24 - You have to be effing joking.
28 - a USB hard drive with your favs loaded on is quicker, easier and don't scratch. Notes that this was spotted by the time they got to 48 & 65.
32 - I actually prefer the $3 PX ones - I do have an inflatable multi-mat one, but can't seem to deflate it enough to be comfortable.
52 to 54 (also 2 & 64) - I cannot get my head around being allowed to monkey with my issued weapon as much as these lads do!

A moral for this story - if it is issued and isn't crap - use it, don't buy bling?

Mind you, I've bought so much from Amazon, I'm going to have to send most of it back via Marchwood.

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