Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by SantaSpud, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Sorry not sure whether this is in the right place but I couldn't find anywhere else suitable...

    I was wondering if anyone knew whether being in the army would provide any advantage in gaining a green card / us citizisenship?
  2. I gained my American passport due to the fact that I have family that live in Houston, Texas. They weren't interested in what my job was on the application forms.......and by **** there are a lot of them :x
  3. Do you really have to go to live in the US?
  4. ??????????????/
  5. Got to be better than Liverpool...
  6. thats why i want to go......... to be honest though liverpool is just like any big city,, has its good parts has its bad, but overall it is just part of modern day britain...
  7. you either need $250k to invest or have sponser ship or a job (with degree and or sponser ship) or get an E1 or E2 visa, work for a year there under that and then apply for a green card

    or worst of all marry a spam
  8. No that is not quite true is it? No other major city whines and winges like a bitch and demands public apologies from celebrities and politicians because they hurt their feelings now do they? Nor do you have to hire a crack team of bodyguards for the tyres on your car in 99% of urban areas.

    Nor indeed do the occupants of other major cities moan they have no jobs but as soon as they receive gainful employment go out on strike...with depressingly predictable results. Or indeed construct a myth that they are chirpy, cheeky comics of the streets when in fact they are perma-tanned, curly mopped pikey thieves.
  9. ok well i'm very sorry to have upset you mate and regarding 99% of tyre well i dont know where that came from...... i'm guessing you havn't lived here with you believing so naively what you have read in the tabloids...?
  10. Cuds,are you Evertonian?
  11. Quick, he's taken the hook! Get some water on that reel!


    As for the tyre/wheel thing, park your car outside the Yan Tan Tetherer some time mate and forget to "tip" the kids may find it takes considerably less time to count your alloys/radials when you return from Goodison!
  12. I go to Goodison every other week have done so for the last 16 years and have never had a problem.....
  13. Joining the US Army will definitely help you get US citizenship, but I don't think joining the British Army will give you any advantage.
  14. Yes i was looking at that but apparently you already need a green card to be eligible?
  15. Can I buy some new tyres then?