Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by superdriver, Nov 24, 2006.

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  1. im off to orlando early in the new year and iveheard many soldiers say theyve got into a few of the theme parks overthere for dicounted rates. has anyone else heard of this or ever been and used military id???
  2. I wouldnt take my ID with me mate if I wasnt on duty. I am a civvy at the mo but was once out drinking in Glasgow with a squaddie friend of mine and he showed his ID in a pub, only to be asked nicely to leave after our pint before any of the locals found out he was a serving soldier.

    Personally I dont really think its worth the hassle but others on here would be able to give you more informed views on your specific situation.

    Welcome to the site BTW.
  3. thanks for your advice, but been in army 15years now and know when and when not to produce my id, and i cant see it being much of a problem on the gates of an ameican theme park, unless mickey and donald are against iraq
  4. Well you never know buddy. Who knows who is hiding behind that scarey mouse costume. It only takes one looney to change your life for good. :wink:

    I'm not trying to use scare tactics mate but thats just my opinion, im sure others have different ones on here. I'm sure you will have a great time in disney land, you not a bit old for it though? :slow:
  5. thanks its looking good for a cheap holiday
  6. Some of our lads just got back from an exercise in Tampa - definitely tell them you're a squaddie, they love it and you will get discounts, moved to front of queues etc.
  7. LOL that's amazing guys, its great to see the yanks appreciating what the forces do unlike in this country. As i said there are certain places in Glasgow you wouldnt dare show your army ID.

    Ejoy your hols superdriver i'm sure you will have loads of stories to tell us about your freebies when you get back.


  8. Just out of curiosity... What pubs in Glasgow did you have problems with? PM me them if you want, but i'd like to know so i can avoid them.