'America would back Israel attack on Iran'

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. Could this explain why they were willing to sell bunker busters to the Isreali Air force???

    Would it be morally corupt to run a book on when the first attack goes in? (or should i take it to the naafi? :twisted: )

  2. I wouldn't - PTP will delete it, citing concern that it may well influence the Ayatollahs into a precipitate course of action, resulting in WW3 - and it'll all be your fault!

  3. My money is on Haliburton conveniently sending some of their guys over the border by mistake

    Sorry mods, i wont say anymore if you think it is out of order

  4. I'll go 100 % on Isreali strike on Irans Nuc faciities before end of 2005.
  5. So GWB has now made sure that an Israeli attack will draw the US - and thanks to TTB (that tw@t Blair) the UK - into any ensuing unpleasantness. He has given the barking mad mullahs that run Iran a huge boost in popular support - for you see, they're not paranoid, they really are out to get us. He has also demonstrated again that if you don't have a credible WMD capability the US will treat you as their bitch. If you do then you get respect - just ask North Korea.
  6. I would agree with OTS on this one. GWB and his cronies seem set on Iran ... and all this talk on obeying UN resolutions from GWB when have we heard that one before?

    What about Israel obeying UN resolutions? can anyone remember ANY resolution that they have obeyed? or are they exempted from UN resolutions cos they are 'protected' by the US? Not to mention the WMD's that Israel has ... how the f**k did they get those? and why hasent GWB stomped them too? (stupid question that really :lol: )

    Ok rant over ...

    My money? its on Israel starting the whole shooting match off... :( GWB :twisted: and the poodle will aim a bit of 'face saving' verbal at Israel 'sort of tut tut, naughty boys you can't do that' stuff just to keep the UN quiet, then when the locals all gang up on Israel GWB will kick off with another Air War..... 8O
  7. Aargh! Did you have to mention North Korea in the same paragraph? What's to say that Dubya may not do something there as well? More to the point, in what way could we get involved in that one?
  8. The UN is anti-Israel. Israel is fighting for its very existance. The PLO hasnt wanted peace, at least til now. The key sticking point is the recognition of Israel and its right to exist. The current policy by Israel to setup a fence along the border is a response to a lack of progress on the peace front. They are withdrawing from Gaza [its almost indefensible]. The fence so far has cut off cross border attacks. When its completed Israel will be alot more secure.
  9. OK, so how does flattening large amounts of Iran sort out the PLO ? And how does Israel waving nukes at Iran while their sponsor seeks to deny them the ability to respond in kind encourage Iran to think favourably about them ? And have you ever thought that the Iranians may be just a tad concerned about their survival as a nation ?
  10. Im afraid i have to agree with tomahawk on this one. Isreal is the only democracy in the ME (well iraq is almost there), and are despised by everyone of their neighbours who want to destory them. Seen as how their neigbours have a habit of attacking them in large groups, (1/2billion vs 10-15million) i dont see why isreal should be prevented from having WMD. They act as a deterent to the raging arabs next door and in fact help keep the peace (because the arabs know that if thye push the irealis to far, they will be visited by a few F15's issuing instant sunshine 8O .

    As for Iran, i think if they are not willing to negotiate into allowing inspection to show they are NOT develpong nukes, then GWB will be forced to take some action, be it cruise missiles or the 101st airbonre dbeing depolyed to tehran.