America wants access to Britons ID Card information

Should we give US access to our ID card information?

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As a matter of principle I want to tell them to take a flying fcuk at a rolling donut, but from a pragmatic point of view, if it means I can past their idiot immigration people faster I'm all for it.

I swear the biggest weapon in their arsenal from deterring terrorists from entering the country is the fcuking huge queue they make you join and the 6 people in customs who look at the same piece of paper without doing anything. I imagine more than one has decided 'Fcuk this for a laugh, I'm going home.'

So by removing that queue (thanks to the magic ID card of problem-solving), they'd be remoing their best defence against the nutters? Sounds like a good reason to make the cards as incompatible as possible. Besides, what's wrong with our passports?

By the sound of it they were talking as though ID cards being introduced over here was a foregone conclusion when it most definitely isn't (and shouldn't be). Did anyone bother to tell the Yanks this
It's the Immigration Service who deal with, suprise suprise, immigration matters. Customs deal with.............Customs matters. And if the terrorist is incoming airside, pray tell how he's going to get home.
Have you ever been to a UK Airport?
bog off yanks
Tell 'em it's fine as long as we get the same access to their records. Fat chance of that though, like the extradition treaties the Yanks demand everything yet offer nowt in return.
This is wrong, it is wrong on so many levels.

We're being asked to surrender Sovereignty here.

Are the Americans going to do a reciprocal deal?

It's really gathering momentum isn't it , Bankers extradited to the States , under the 9/11 extradition catchall etc.

1984 is finally here.


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OK guys, I see your problem. Feck the Yanks attitude and 100% on that.

However you have missed the real point. WTF should we use the Yanks(Septics) chip so they can see our info. Let them use ours (if we had one) and we could 'share' our into with them. We are on the same side after all.


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76mill said:
yup, we both take their incoming
Nothing to do with that Sunshine - all to do with money and control.
Someone voted yes 8O
I missed that, did those banker get extadited?


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Awol said:
PartTimePongo said:
Someone voted yes 8O
What! Someone dared to dissent? Perhaps we should tag them. 8O

And no, it wasn't me.
Well said AWOL, I hope this never becomes a site for 'yes' men. Long live 'dissent' - remember Magna Carta.
What! Someone dared to dissent? Perhaps we should tag them.
Naaah , we should just roll over and have our information shared with the Department for Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, NSA ,INS,IRS and various commercial interests once they wave the FOIA at their Congressman.

I look forward to receiving highly targeted junk mail for Medicare, stocks and shares, airlines and credit cards from across the pond.

remember Magna Carta.
Isn't that the whole point of this debate? :D
This is such a load of piss and vinegar. Not you guys on the thread but the States.

To be all honest, regarding the practicalities i am all up for this. To be honest if you beleive in a free, anonomous society today then i thnk you are dreaming.

What i dont like is the posibility of governments using this ID system to their advantage and the costs plus it will only be a number of years until the "badies beta max users" out there get a grip of this tech and are able to imitate it.
When the 'chips are down' even Cat Stevens knows to ride the Peace Train.

Juvenal...ya Brits don't need passports to visit my freedom loving America
(if you're not here longer than 90 daze that is.)

If you all ain't in the phone books and don't want the Givermint know'in just who the puck ya are and especially who ya ain't then STAY OUT!

otherwise we LOVE YOU VERY MUCH...Y'all come back now...hear?
(and next time...bring more money)

PartTimePongo said:
Bankers extradited to the States , under the 9/11 extradition catchall etc.
This’ll teach me to pay proper attention to the million and one Compliance tutorials we have to sit through, but from memory, this only applies to banking institutions where a firm has a presence within the borders of the U.S. and is therefore subject to the Control & Compliance rules of the U.S. Treasury. K.Y.C. (Know Your Customer) is one of the main tenets of the U.K. Financial Services Authority and money launderers are pursued just as rabidly in the U.K. due to their wholesale links with terrorism and drugs.

& I voted "No" to this poll. A passport & visa should be all that's required to enter the U.S. unless we force quid pro quo and I can't see the U.C.L.A. going for that! Our 'special relationship' means that most people who would be of concern to one country would be of concern to the other, thus I think that this would be an unnecessary infringement of an individual's privacy.

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