America the theocracy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by TASO09, May 22, 2010.

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    Is it worrying to many other fellow Arrsers that the evangelical right in the good ol' US of A is becoming more and more of a driving force in US society? I'm all in favour of existing knowledge to be challenged but we must ask if it's not just the Bible thumpers trying to brainwash a generation?
  2. Very insightful.
  3. Yes.

    Really, yes.
  4. So that will be Christians V Muslims again?
    Time for more cartoons I think.
  5. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Why restrict yourself to the Bible bashers? The Judeo-American lobby is huge!
  6. Chef, this is the route that I wanted the thread to go down. Bush's 'Crusade' etc. The west really should be wary of the meshing of religion and politics in what was the leading light of liberal democracies. Palin (smash however :D ) in the running for the Republican nomination... :omfg:
  7. Not really, here's why:

    The Founding Fathers didnt want a state religion, ie CoE/CoI. Certain religions weren't accepted back then. If say you were a episcopalian , your marriage wasn't recognized in the Colonies pre revolution.

    Theocracy? the USA is Hardly doing government by Divine rule, makes a nice soundbite, but not even close to reality. And Our politicians arent widely regarded as Divine(not even the silly Godcamp is enough to back that canard).

    9 to 5 vote, looks like working Democracy to me, and I aint by no means religious, but can recognize Butthurt Liberals whining. Next they'll say Texas is the Fourth Reich as that's the usual rhetoric escalation.
  8. I don’t think anyone is saying that “Texas is the Fourth Reich” or anything so extreme. However, and to echo the OP, to some of us on this side of the pond there does seem to be an increasing polarisation in US politics along religious lines. That it’s increasingly affecting education in such a powerful nation is a worrying trend, as it is in any other country.
  9. They will ratchet it up to that next, its part and parcel of the left SOP.. You see what you want to see, Facts dont bear it out though.
  10. Surely education shouldn't be about democracy, but rather what is correct?

    That the Texas curriculum has become politicised in this way is a sad enough fact without including the content of the curriculum itself.
  11. It's not that I believe the US will ever become the Christian version of the likes of Iran and Saudi, the title of the thread is obviously 'way out there'. US politics has been partisan for years. The South had until the 1960s been a Democrat heartland and now its has become the 'Bible Belt'. Given the area's power in the electoral system it is ominous for other states, especially if the said text books are completely biased to the agenda of the religious nuts.
  12. Surely education is about teaching the mind to assess a situation and come to a conclusion that is correct?

    p.s. Get back to revision you retard! :p
  13. That's critical thinking, which is simply one part of education.

    P.S I'm flicking between wikipedia and arrse. Shouldn't you be doing something like learning how to say "hello" in mandarin? And "heeerrroooooowww!" doesn't cut it.
  14. It definately bothers me and has done for a fair few years now. Creationists over there are trying to smuggle religion into the science class. Not only that, they are trying to encourage it in the UK too.